Twenty-nine days hath September (or at least that's how long we get to mini-rant this month.)

I guess that’s my mini-rant: how come none of you slackers started a new thread, hmmm???

Didn’t dawn on me that no one had. :slight_smile:

Or maybe it’s because no one has any problems or troubles any longer?

LOL! It IS still 2020, right?

Well, it’s the anniversary of my husband’s death. His “death-day.” Like a birthday, but with way less cake.

I’m sitting here with literally nothing to occupy my time, except my memories of him, and all y’all posts.

So may I be the first to say, within this thread, FUCK.


Sorry. I remember when that happened; reading the threads. Been there with a death day a few weeks ago. I’m still up at 4:00 a.m. after another day of … a day. I think it was Wednesunday. Or maybe that’s tomorrow.

We’ve been involved with a dog rescue in St Martin (where we vacation) for around twenty years now. With COVID things have been difficult, since about 75% of their placements are with people in the US, Canada, and Europe, and that wasn’t happening for a while.

My gf informed me that there are dogs flying from St Martin to Philadelphia Airport or JFK Labor Day weekend. We need to be at the airport (whichever works out) to pick up the dogs from the volunteers who are transporting them under their seats. It’s 5-6 hours driving each way.

From there we will drive them to whoever is next in the chain. We might end up as the final link for one of them.

I had a whole bunch more rants, but fucked up the edit timer.
So before I fuck up again … fuck his parents, who never were family long enough to become my in-laws before unceremoniously kicking me out of our home, because scapegoat.

I don’t have parents-in-law. I just know a couple people who are the parents of my dead husband.

And fuck me, because it’s an absolutely gorgeous day, and I feel like I’m … supposed to be sad? Like if I don’t weep, I don’t miss him “enough” or something.

That’s so sad. When my mom died (my dad died years before her), I approached my gf’s parents and told them I considered them my in-laws even though I wasn’t married to their daughter. They took it as a compliment and we’ve remained very close.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay STOCKMARKET!

Sorry, just had to say something.

Yes, ^^ this. Different reasons but this.

You sound like you miss him. That is pretty clear. There isn’t a wrong way to grieve. You seem self-aware and have acknowledged today is hard and why. Fuck those who think you aren’t doing it right.

Pluto the field spaniel covered himself in glory today at the vet.

I took him in for the first time to the clinic in our new town, to get his Bordetella vaccine and renew his cost-their-weight-in-gold heartworm and flea/tick chewables.

The assistant took him back into the treatment room for his up-the-snout vaccine spray. I heard sounds of canine disapproval and angst but fortunately no growling or snapping noises. I was informed however that he had taken a dump in there. Well OK, a mildly unpleasant procedure, new people, it happens.*

Then I asked to see their boarding facilities. While we were inspecting the outdoor runs, Pluto had…well, not exactly the runs, but an enormous multi-part poopfest, incorporating lots of tiny orange particles from the carrot treat I gave him last night (he loves them but they don’t digest all that well).

The best part - he pooped at home in the yard before leaving for the vet! That’s a total of three big dumps in a little over an hour! Where is he getting it all - was he storing up shit for the occasion???

His name is probably…mud over there now. What a first impression.

He is good-looking though.

*probably wouldn’t have gone over real well at the ophthalmologist’s office.

Well, I feel the same way, but the fact that Icarus said this is a bit portentous…

(sneak brag: I bought a tiny bit of AAPL back in the oughts, now it’s a Big Ass Aapl Pie)

It looks like my ongoing dispute with UPS over my shipment of rhino figurines and art to South Africa may be coming to a resolution. They’re asking for the value of 9 missing pieces. Of course, I didn’t inventory them, so out of almost 200, I am guessing. One that appears to be missing is a rhino marionette my late Grandmother gave me years ago. I have no idea the value, it was a large piece. And the value of 8 broken figurines. Keeping in mind I had started collecting these when I was about 17.
They’re blaming customs, of course. Hey UPS, if the parcel went to customs weighing X and came back to you weighing appreciably less than X, shouldn’t you ask WTF? So I will come up with a #, I’m thinking around $500, and donate whatever I get back to the Rhino Orphanage in S.A. for their trouble and all their good work.

Jacob Blake’s background is being ignored.

Oh looking for that justification to shoot first because you’ve appointed yourself judge jury and executioner because yanno background.

So, you are saying that the police officers who shot at him had his complete background information in mind when they fired? That they somehow knew everything there was to know about him and made an informed decision to fire, based on that information? Where in any police training does it indicate that officers are expected to evaluate the background of everyone they come in contact with in public, and where does it indicate that the proper action, based on that background, is to open fire?

Didn’t think so.

I paid a debt on behalf of a couple of family members today. Husband thinks I shouldn’t have, and he might be right.
It’s shaping up to be a loooooooooong long weekend.

No I’m not saying getting shot 7 times in the back is justified AT ALL. I’m saying let’s not forget the reason the police were called there in the first place. The woman was terrified and said she was assaulted by the guy. He wasn’t a saint. So I’m saying the reaction of rioting etc was and is an overreaction.

I would like to lodge a general complaint regarding the utter lack of chicken pho (a broth-y noodle soup) anywhere in the area.

I’m in Muskegon, which is a tiny burb and we’re lucky to have, like, three Chinese places. But not even flippin’ Grand Rapids has anything really tasty, that I’ve found, and that’s, like, an actual city.

I want chicken soup, dammit! With hoisin! And cilantro!