MAY we have a new Mini-Rant thread?

I don’t have a rant right now, but it’s time to start the new thread.

Well, I have the mini-est of rants.

It’s not fair that so many of the red wines that I really like give me a headache after just one small glass :frowning: Yes, I know it’s sulfites. I don’t care. They are delicious and they hate me : :crying_cat_face:

Mini-mini rant. I’m a bit hungover. My daughter and her fiancé eloped to Vegas yesterday. They spent the day hiking at their favorite park, then rushed back to a chapel where the wedding was live-streamed. :heart:

Awww…sweet. Congratulations to all. May their life together be long and fulfilling.

Mazel Tov, kayaker!

Sounds like they did their thing, which is great (did they change out of hiking gear?). I’m toasting their future, and the fact that her parents didn’t have to pitch in on an expensive wedding.

Yeah, they actually dressed up in standard wedding duds. Great kids.

Congrats! Gotta respect the kids doing it their way.

I put together a plan yesterday to work on some mental health things as I’ve been in a depression spiral and I have let anxiety rule my life throughout this pandemic. Very psyched to get things started.

Sure enough, my stupid ass stayed up until 3am, then I was too wired and afraid to sleep, then had a nightmare that woke me up with a LOUD auditory hallucination. Scared the crap out of me. Has anyone ever had this happen? It sounded like someone shouting in my living room. Then I have to sit there knowing that it doesn’t make sense for someone to be shouting in my living room, but the lizard brain is like something must be there, I heard shouting.

Thank God it wasn’t a visual hallucination, I think I would have pissed myself.

Do you know for sure that it’s sulfites? Does white wine give you headaches? It has sulfites, too.

In my experience* a lot of red wine headache sufferers actually have a small allergic reaction to the histamines in red wine. Some folks do indeed have a reaction to sulfites, but it’s not as common. Try a Sudafed before you drink red wine?

I’m not trying to be snarky, I want you to be able to drink red wine. I love it, too.

*I worked in tasting rooms for ten years.

Once. In my case it sounded like a single, loud hand clap. I could still hear it ringing in my ears as I woke up. It never happened again thank God. I was literally looking around my bedroom trying to figure out what could have caused the sound but of course there was nothing. That was many years ago and I forgot about it until your post reminded me. It really sucked because it took a while before my adrenaline drained and I could sleep again.

Yes, it is indeed May, the season of warmer weather and windows thrown open for fresh air. One can enjoy the cheerful sound of chirping birds, and the rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze. And so it is time in our nature studies to celebrate that noble creature and perennial friend of man, the Backyard Dog (canis annoyus). The canis annoyus comes in three subspecies, ordered by size: the small, or yappy, kind; the medium, or howling, kind; and the large, or woofing, kind. They usually perform in harmony, where the proper collective noun phrase for them is “a cacophony of canines”. Such a cacophony is easily audible more than ten miles away, and tends to be at its most energetically robust when I’m trying to have a nap on a Sunday afternoon. One can sometimes gain respite by closing the window, but sometimes one dearly longs for a shotgun.

I should preemptively add, in case anyone dares to question my canine bona fides, that I am absolutely pro-dog and none of the above should be interpreted otherwise. It’s just that I draw a distinction between the common Backyard Dog (canis annoyus, and especially the tiny subspecies canis yappis extremis) and the Well Behaved Dog (canis quietus admirabilis). In that respect, dog personalities generally match that of their owners. The neighbour immediately behind me has a dog – I believe it’s a Springer Spaniel – that is so quiet and well-behaved that for months I didn’t even know he had a dog. Others, sadly, are of the canis annoyus variety. My own former dog hardly ever barked. At most, when he was at the back door and wanted to come in, and no one noticed, he would issue one single authoritative bark to announce his presence. He felt that any more would be redundantly repeating himself.


Kiss my ass. There is no video.

Well, hmmm … I’m not sure! I tend to prefer reds over whites, but maybe I need to experiment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the info!, I love learning something new!

Sudafed is a decongestant.

If you want an anti-histamine you want diphenhydramine, brand name is Benadryl. It’s over the counter and cheap as a generic. Might make you sleepy so be careful driving, especially with wine on board.

I don’t think I’m affected much by Benadryl, sleep-wise. In any case most of my wine imbibing is done on my couch or in my bed anyway.

I wonder if Zyretc (ceterizine) would help? That tends to be my go-to for my allergies.

In addition to sulfites and histamines, tannins have also been implicated:

I knew someone who was subject to migraines, and red wine and dark chocolate were both triggers, apparently due to the tannins. White wine is not free of tannins but has much less of it than most reds.

I sympathize as I’m very much a fan of red wine myself. I’ll enjoy a nice white once in a while, but it’s really rare. I drink reds almost daily, but I think the last time I opened a bottle of white was last summer.

OMG, I’m an idiot. I read my kindle pretty much every evening. Friday night I stopped at a local brewery for some beer. While there I looked over their lending library and grabbed a short story anthology.

After dinner I grabbed the book, laid down on the couch and began reading. In the dark. I’m so used to reading on my kindle that I forgot how to read an old fashioned book.

Well that sucks, and may be the cause, because I love a high-tannin wine.

But, doesn’t tea also have tannins? Or is that different? I pretty much live on hot tea …

Oops, right you are. It’s been a while and I misremembered.

Both very useful drugs. I always have both on hand.