Twin Cities Dope Lunch/Dinner?

Shall we meet to commiserate poor Lumpy’s recent experience, as noted in this thread?

I SUPPOSE those cross-river people could join. Those from outside the Cities are always more than welcome to join!

Should we do a Saturday or Sunday brunch kind of thing? With all the festivals/carnivals going on around here there should be something to do afterwards.

Nyes on a weekend afternoon maybe? The only problem with eating at Nyes is a week later you’re hungry again.

I thought all the bridges are down.

Not ALL.
Just some.

Anyone? Say, Saturday 08/02?

FWIW, TheKid wants to join us - if that’s okay with you all.

If I talk tough and don’t mention I’m in the suburbs, am I allowed?

I’m subscribing to this thread, but I am not sure if I can make this. I’ll try.

I’d be interested in doing this again.

Would prefer someplace other than Nye’s, though – too hard to park around there (but the food is great).

Another possibility – India Palace, at Cty Rd C just off 35W in Roseville – if people like Indian food.

Oooh, snap - bad weekend. I gots to go outta town to attend one of my husband’s cousin’s weddings. (Let’s hope she’s not as weird as her sister and has actually kissed the groom at least once before the wedding. I can understand “waiting until marriage,” even if I don’t condone it for myself, but not even kissing until up there on the altar? Weirdo.)

Otherwise, I could be in.

Yesterday I was at a backyard party with a semi-famous Minnesotan who chose his bride from 2 dozen some applicants, then met & married her that morning at the Mall of America.

They celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary earlier this summer, and they and their 3 children are doing fine. Many other friends, who dated and even lived together for years before getting married, have since split up.

Perhaps their’s something to be said for arranged marriages. In his case, the couple had never met, but a group of his friends had reviewed all the applicants, and chosen 3 that they thought would be a good match, and he picked one of them. It seems to have been a good choice.

I’m interested, but we might have plans on 8/2. I’d have to get back to you on that.

Fetchund and I are interested, but it depends on where and when.

Coincidentally enough, I may be visiting the Twin Cities on that very day. I will continue watching the thread and post again when my plans are more clear.

It is within the realm of the possible.

Missed the last one due to changing work dates.

Even though I might not be able to make it, do we have any idea where or when?

Well, should we go with 08/02? Is 08/09 better?
TheKid really wants to join us (so I can’t talk too openly about her, I’m guessing) - and those two days are pretty much the only 2 Saturdays she’ll be around.

08/02 : Uptown Art Fair , Powderhorn Art Fair
08/09: Irish Fair in St Paul

I’m agreeable to a place to eat - would prefer somewhere cheaper than the italian place from last time. OR we could do a day at Como - they have the butterflies there now which seem kinda cool? Yeah, I KNOW it’s in St Paul. Anyways - could do a picnic?

Did we ever finalize this?

No, darnit.

Yeah, I was kinda wondering if it just got dropped and forgotten, or what.

How about meeting in St. Paul during the Convention?

Just kidding.

How about Weds/Thurs somewhere like Minnehaha park? Weather is supposed to be good this week. Pack a picnic/potluck kind of thing, shouldn’t be too busy during a weekday.

I’d probably bring the minions with, so we will have to bring a sacrifice to keep them mollified for the duration. Perhaps Shodan would volunteer for the position?