Twin Peaks (2017) cast announcements

David Lynch announced the full cast of the new Twin Peaks series. It looks like most of the original cast will return, and one notable addition is Eddie Vedder. Should be interesting.

Personally, my only requirement is Madchen Amick. As long as she’s there, I’ll watch every episode. Oh Shelley…

Holy moly! :eek: That is an astounding cast. I was especially pleased to see Ashley Judd and Monica Bellucci listed.

One name that jumped out at me: Lauren Tewes, from Love Boat!

Here’s a list someone posted on another board of characters NOT coming back (unless secretly recast, which Laura may be)

One really notable one for me that’s coming back is David Duchovny, which means we may see a return of probably the only decent trans character on mainstream TV.

And a good reminder of how ahead of the times Twin Peaks was.

I mean, the original show isn’t fully up-to-par with shows like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad. It doesn’t quite live up to the quality of modern day series, though possibly that’s because they were actively parodying TV their time, but the end result is that it drags the quality down.

But it was a good solid leap towards the type of TV that we have these days, and the gap between it and The Sopranos is significant.

It will be interesting to see if Lynch can find a way to push ahead of everything else again. It will be hard…but then again, we haven’t had a good mystery TV show since Twin Peaks. LOST tried, and ultimately got lost on its way. There’s still the opportunity to do something proper.

Laura? I mean Donna. And by “recast” I mean “re-recast”.