Twin Peaks Episode 7 (Open Spoilers)

So; evil-Cooper is on the loose again and it looks like we may soon see the real Cooper reunited with his FBI comrades. How soon he regains his memory remains to be seen.

I say he’ll be reunited because his thwarting of the attack will be all over the news. In fact there’s likely to be cellphone video of it going viral online. Gordon, Albert, et al will surely see his image somewhere and be heading to Vegas.

What the hell is going on with Briggs? My guess is that the body is so young either because of peculiarities in the passage of time in the lodges or because of space travel at relativistic speeds.

The hotel key has arrived! Any prints have probably been ruined by the way it’s being handled, but they probably won’t be needed considering the publicity that Cooper will likely be soon experiencing.

Speaking of the hotel; it looks like, in spite of his previous protestations, that old dog Ben may be starting an affair with his married assistant. Meanwhile, his idiot brother Jerry is in the woods either suffering from dementia or disoriented from drugs.

And what did Laura mean when she wrote in her diary “now I know it’s not Bob”?

She meant that she knew who had been really raping her for all those years.

Colonel Davis will be making a call, presumably to FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson to tell her that the body of Major Garland Briggs has been found. Denise will certainly inform Gordon. I can’t see where it goes from there. Gordon wasn’t tight with Briggs like Cooper was, and finding Briggs doesn’t get them any closer to Cooper. But then there’s that ring, the one with the newly famous Dougie’s and Janey-E’s names on it, that they dug out of the body’s stomach.

At the end of Secret History, DoppelCoop and Briggs had just met, and Briggs was distraught. He initiated the Mayday Protocols, designed to protect the Listening Post and its secrets. What those protocols were, I have no idea. I doubt that they involved time travel, at least not directly, but they may have included Briggs faking his own death and torching the place (though I have a very hard time believing that the good Major would leave his family, orders or no).

But Briggs did time travel once before, or so goes the majority interpretation, when he appeared in his living room during the storm, dressed in old-school aviator garb and thinking that far more than a couple of days had passed since he vanished from the woods. Either way, I’m convinced that he did not die in that fire.

Ben, I want to believe, was trying to avoid an affair with Beverly. But, for an old horn-dog like him, it’s a struggle!

Jerry seems to be echoing what’s going on around DougieCoop. “I can’t find my car.” “I don’t know where I am.” 'Course, he might have just been high.

Speaking of echoes, Diane echoed Laura from FWWM in her chat with DoppelCoop: “Who are you?” “Look at me!”

I wonder whether the noise Ben and Beverly were investigating is Josie, who has been trapped in the wood of the Great Northern since Bob put her into that drawer-pull. In Season Two, Pete saw (or thought he saw) her in the fireplace, and Ben may or may not have seen her, too.

Anybody else flash on Stephen King’s IT with Ben and Beverly and Tom all shuffled together like that?

I thought that was interesting in retrospect - at first I just took it as a jokey scene, but then it occurred to me. People who get high regularly know when they’re high. I’m not a habitual user, but I’ve been high as balls before (like, can’t find my own feet levels of wasted), but I knew how I’d gotten that way. The way Jerry said “I think I’m high!” sounded like, “I feel high but I don’t know how I got that way!” So maybe he was having visions in the woods.

Or maybe it was just a jokey scene.

I really liked this episode - plenty of forward plot progression and disturbing implications. I guess we can assume Mr. C sexually assaulted Diane in the past, and possibly raped Audrey as well. I have to wonder how Good Cooper will react to the past murders, rapes, and mayhem done by his likeness.

Liking Janey-E more with each episode. Now that I’ve accepted that she’s not bothered/aware of Dougie’s weirdness, I’m loving how take charge she is with all his bullshit. The way she handled the cops, and later jumped into the fight with Ike the Spike cracked me up.

Also, Diane is awesome. Also, go fuck yourself. Also…dog legs?

Damn right, dog legs! Four of 'em!

I’m not yet buying the Audrey-raping or the Diane-raping. I think that Diane would have straight killed DoppelCoop if he tried. And I think that he was at the hospital to get the ring back from that thievin’ nurse.

Diane’s response to Gordon’s “It involves something you know about, but that’s all we’ll say about that” may have been telling. “Federal prison,” she said.

She seems pissed at Cooper, but she’s just as pissed at the FBI in general, so I don’t think it was rape or sex or a failed relationship or anything like that. But I think EvilCoop fucked her, and fucked her good.

Was great to see old Doc Hayward again! Hope we see a little more of him. Donna’s not in it–at least, neither of the actors who portrayed her are in it–but Alicia Witt is, and she was the piano-playing daughter, Gersten, in the original series. So maybe she’ll reprise her role, and we’ll get some news about the Hayward family.

I’m starting to really like Janey-E, too. Hope she’s not manufactured!

How? He’s a supernatural being inhabiting the body of a trained FBI agent. She’s a secretary. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty hard core, but more verbally than anything else. Maybe you’re right and it’s a red herring, but we’re definitely being led to believe that Mr. C raped her.

I hope not too, but I wonder if her name is a clue saying she is. Janey-E, as in Electronic, or artificial. If she’s real, I feel bad for her - she’s lost her husband, and she’s going to find out about it eventually.

She’s probably better off without that husband, she’s got $400,000 cash, and she obviously can take care of herself! (That’s if she’s real, of course.)

I am loving this show. Lynch is not disappointing me.

Some people are upset that it’s not more like the original, but how could it be?

This is Twin Peaks without network execs butting in.

I should add: WTF Andy? You agree to meet with a suspect later? He never was too bright.

Andy’s wearing a Rolex now. My fanwank is that he retired a few years ago, and the watch is his retirement present from the community. He returned to duty after Harry got sick.

Episode 7 was Twin Peaks without the network meddling. I’m not especially happy with the previous six installments, though each contained excellent bits and they all built up to the magnificence that is Number Seven.

Ok. I was happy to see this moving along compared to episode 6.

Was there a dog leg in Bill Hastings’ trunk, too? Could “your late Mr. Strawberry” be Major Briggs?

Who was the figure in black walking down the corridor of the morgue?

I keep having to remind myself that’s Ben Horne, not David Letterman.

Love that (per the credits) the three cops investigating Dougie’s car are brothers.

I’m not so sure that guy stood up Deputy Andy on purpose. During the diner scene at the end, some guy comes into the diner and yells, “Hey! Anybody seen Bing?” And there’s a Bing listed in the credits. I’m guessing Richard had something to do with that.

Per the little girl, Ike the Spike smelled funny. Scorched motor oil, perhaps?

Best dialog -
What did you say your name was again?
Fuck you, Tammy.

I just had a thought about this. Could it be that part of Cooper’s “soul” (or whatever) hasn’t completely left the lodges and, while having a partial connection with his body in Vegas, also is somehow reaching into the woods around TP and is now trying to operate through Jerry? It could have knowledge of a stolen car but be confused as to why it’s high.

The figure in black: was that the same figure that appeared as a ghostly apparition in the jail cell back in the adjacent jail cell in episode two?

And what happened to Bill Hastings – the guy in jail for Ruth Davenport’s murder? (It’s been so long since the show involved them I had to look up their names.)

Diane’s exchange with Tammy was funny, but it was funnier when Susan Sarandon said it while playing Bette Davis in “Feud: Bette and Joan” just a few weeks ago. (I think the real Bette actually said it to somebody IRL too.)

Was Andy investigating the hit & run from last week? I didn’t get a good look at it, but Andy tells the redneck “That’s YOUR truck!” Did somebody ID it? (And I’m guessing that the redneck is dead, given the cryptic shot of his open doorway when he was supposed to be meeting Andy at the fork in the road.)

“Was Andy investigating the hit & run from last week? I didn’t get a good look at it, but Andy tells the redneck “That’s YOUR truck!” Did somebody ID it? (And I’m guessing that the redneck is dead, given the cryptic shot of his open doorway when he was supposed to be meeting Andy at the fork in the road.)”

I think so since there was a similar truck sitting in the guy’s yard. I assumed it was the same one.

The heavyset pie loving lady from the diner appeared to get a good look at both the truck and the driver so maybe she ID’ed it.

She may also have ID’ed the driver, which might explain why Andy didn’t immediately arrest the owner of the truck. He may have already known that Richard had been identified as the driver.

The other loose end that has been bothering me is that Bill’s wife Phyllis was murdered by Evil Cooper, and the Buckhorn cops don’t seem to know that. Presumably her body hasn’t been found yet, but surely George (the lawyer she was involved with) is wondering about her.

Anyway, now that the feds are aware of Buckhorn, I think there will be some major developments in that plotline.

That was my first thought as well, but I didn’t see Joan Chen in the cast list. The noise could be Josie-related, but I doubt that we’ll actually see her.

I was wracking my brains over Beverly’s sick husband Tom—he looked very familiar and I wondered if he was a character we had seen before. Turns out I had seen the actor in Flashpoint, one of those shows that re-runs endlessly on the Ion channel. Anyway, I love me some Ashley Judd, so I hope there’s more of that storyline.