Twin sister crush question

Hey…so in high school I liked a girl and she has a twin sister. I asked her out but she said she wasn’t interested/didn’t want to be in a relationship. It’s been like five years or so, and I met both of them at Las Vegas for a spring break vacation and I found that I liked her sister more now, and I felt a slight connection between her sister and me…a little more eye contact than usual I guess, and there was a tiny bit of sexual tension.

I didn’t really hit on her during high school, and she probably thinks that I was really into her sister and not her. I didn’t even really talk to her that much, and talked much more with her sister…

In college, the sister that I liked in high school had 2-3 boyfriends and her twin sister never had any. Right now, we’re pretty much the only two single people in our high school friend group, and we’re getting together tomorrow for Fourth of July. If she liked me, would she have given me a hint at the time that I asked out her sister. (In other words, can I take the fact that she didn’t really give me a hint that was obvious as pretty much meaning that there’s no possibility of something happening between us? p.s. in high school I really liked her sister and didn’t really show ANY interest to her so she might think that I didn’t like her at all…at that time I didn’t but things have really changed now.)


Dude, once high school is over, it’s over. Pretty much anything that happened then doesn’t mean shit now, especially when it comes to relationships. So unless you actively tormented her back then, you’ve certainly got a fair shot now, based on the limited info you supplied. Of course she may not really suspect you have a thing for her now, based on your previous history, but that doesn’t mean she’s deemed you off limits. For all you know, she may be secretly pining away for you (resulting in that sexual tension you noticed) but is just assuming you’re not interested in her (hence she’s hiding any overt signs of attraction).

In situations like this I’m a firm advocate of letting her know how you feel. Different people do it different ways (poetry, a frank discussion, coffee leading to lunch leading to an elaborate dating ritual, etc) but getting a bit drunk and kissing her is quick, easy, enjoyable and more or less fool-proof. Well, at least you know where you stand right away!

Dude, go out with the twin. Do every thing on earth to impress her, become the perfect boyfriend. Go into debt if you have to. Make the girl who rejected you incredibly jealous and regretful. Only good can come from this.

-She wouldn’t have said anything in high school because you were hitting on her twin. And not her. Get the picture?

-That was 5 years ago; neither of you is the same person, so don’t make the mistake of acting like you are.

-Go to the cookout, and if by the end of everything she hasn’t given you a big enough clue, ‘man up’, as they say, and ask her out already. For all you know she’s been waiting five years for you to do so! So don’t drag it out.

You sound like you’re still in middle school passing notes around. If you are interested in the girl, ask her out. She might say yes, she might say no. Take it from there.

I’m so glad I’m married.


Just ask. 20 years from now you will regret not asking each one you let get away. Believe me.

Each one of the suggestions so far has been halfassed.

You should be trying for a threesome.

YEs! All twins are into incest.

trust me.


supery00n, you’re at least in your early 20s, so man up already and if you see something you’re interested in, plan your strategy, be smart about it, and close on your target.

Frankly, I’m glad this is the topic. Initially, from the thread subject, I was wondering if this would be incestuous.

Ok fine, next time I’ll spell it out in detail for you.

I’m not convinced the OP had actually graduated from high school.

I’m so glad my twins were sons with different tastes in girls.

I think Fir na tine is on to something here. Not the whole, “just ask her” thing, that’s silly.

You should write her a note. “Do you like like me? YES NO (circle one!!)” Sneak it into her pocket.

You’ll probably think more clearly about all this if you rub one out first. The majority of men can have a clear mind or an erection, but not both.