Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

Frank: A weiner. Filled mostly with pig anuses.

That’s because singup has been suspended.

I have to admit that it took me a while to realize that “frank” was not the name but the synonym for “direct”; I thought it was an internal codename before release. I kept thinking “who the heck is Frank?”. Yeah, sometimes I’m an idiot.

His staff isn’t sharp enough to deal with the problem’s scale, and so it’s only natural that the project fell flat.

You’re not an idiot for not getting it, the naming of the platform was idiotic because it’s not that intuitive. It took me a bit to get it as well.

I can’t sing. I guess that means I can’t get an account.

Yeah, if they had orchestrated that a bit more harmoniously, they wouldn’t be encountering such a chorus of disapproval now.

What an unusual way to spell “whiner.”

Well, the way it’s spelled it’s pronounced ‘whiner’. :wink:

Especially since he mentioned the CardassiansKardashians.

(They defected and joined the Dominion when they thought they would win the war.)

And the nerve of those process server guys; charging by the mile! :wink:

I’m reminded of Dave Lister’s reaction when he found out he’d accidentally been kept in stasis for three-million years.

“I’ve still got that library book!”

Here’s a new Legal Eagle Short.

Frank is launching for real this time on May 10th, god damn it.

Should have made it May 17. Everyone knows it takes two weeks to get anything done.

Mikey is displeased:

I love the line “We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform more suited to your needs”. I might put it on a T-shirt.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.

I hear Sponge Blob Golf Pants is starting his own site (blackjack and hookers not confirmed).

Andy Borowitz just released a column with Trump starting up Facebook Total Landscaping, since he’s not getting back on Facebook. Maybe Lindell can start Vimeo Total Landscaping.

If someone is deleted from Vimeo and no one watches videos on that site, does it make a sound?

Why should he care? He’s starting his own platform.