Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

The only Julius these clowns know is Orange.

“sipping orange julius and lemon brutus”

Sort of. As noted, it’s a mix of either garbage or double encrypted stuff that has, for whatever reason, also separately has some CSV text (comma separated values) that has been ROT3’d.

The best guess (mentioned above if you speak tech) is that they took the contents of a directory and just combined them into a single big file and added a ROT3 to make them look more random.

Some small portion of those files appear to be CSV text or may contain CSV text (error messages, comment lines, or whatever). The ROT3 analysis caught onto these bits. The majority of the data appears to be the other contents of this directory which appear to be either random garbage or encrypted.

Whatever it is, it’s not what Lindell thinks or claims it is. It’s possible the random/encrypted parts contain the information he claims, but I wouldn’t stake anything on it.

Note: I haven’t downloaded the file yet (I would need to be home for that) but it sounds like an interesting exercise in futility.

I’ve sometimes wondered why the Orange Chump wasn’t compared to Nero more often.

According to his biographer Suetonius, the Roman emperor Nero "practiced every sort of obscenity,” ranging from incest to cruelty to animals to homicide. Nero was such a bad guy, in fact, that he may very well have been the first Antichrist in the Christian tradition.

I do not know what this means.

Orange Julius is a drink made with orange juice and “secret ingredients.” It’s like an orange milkshake, but not milky. They used to have stands all over, but I haven’t noticed any in years.

I used to love our local Orange Julius…they put parmesan on their chili dogs. So good.

Similar to Burton Mercer’s favorite drink.

Orange Julius - Wikipedia

Orange Julius is an American chain of fruit drink beverage stores. It has been in business since the late 1920s and is noted for a particular drink, also called an Orange Julius. The beverage is a mixture of ice, orange juice, sweetener, milk, powdered egg whites and vanilla flavoring.

I want to see if it’s possible to make a citrusy version of a Caesar dressing with a melted down Orange Julius, it could be a Julius Caesar dressing.

Nitpick, in case anyone wants to try this at home: Don’t try doing cat * to an output file in the same directory. Bad things, or at least strange things, might happen. Put the output file in a different directory.

For you younger kids who are wondering what rot13 was for: It was intended as a sort of encryption-lite, for creating spoilers in the old Usenet days. It was especially common in the jokes threads, where it was popular to put offensive jokes. The commonly agreed-upon protocol was to begin with a disclaimer as to who would be offended (e.g., “Offensive to Italians”), followed by the joke itself in rot13 form. The reader would have to actively choose to decrypt it to read it. (The newsgroup apps of the day had built-in commands for this.)

It was the equivalent or our rule that offensive material require two mouse clicks to see.

Reportedly there are people who became familiar enough with ROT13 output that they can read it almost as easily as they can read ROT26 text

I started a project once to pick words and slightly tweaked grammar and pronunciation rules for a con lang called Ratyvfu (ROT13 for English) that would look very foreign, but would be semi-legible English when ROT13ed.

And then there are words that when ROT13’d become other words. War isn’t Hell, but Furby is Sheol.

Holy crap, I actually got that obscure reference!

From “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”?

Yes, indeed - from “Broadway Melody Of 1974” on that album (which I listened to very often back in the 1980s)

My favorite is referring to all the nuns. (Hahaha becomes Ununun.)

And there are reportedly other people whose original ROT26 text is unintelligible as is (to-wit: the MyPillow guy and the Orange One, e.g.)

Huh. 717 posts in (and I’m sure another 717 to go) and I’d just like to see the spudface get arrested or die and end all this bloated hooey. I guess for some he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Me - I’ve long been standing in the returns line.
If only he went into hiding, himself - a safe, out-of-the-way space of some permanent sort.

My prediction…

No arrest and he won’t die any time soon. Instead, he will be sued successfully and will become financially destitute. His business will be shut down (so “MyPillow” becomes “Nobody’sPillow”) and dies years from now while huffing paint thinner from a paper sack in some shabby motel, completely forgotten and practically unnoticed.

My prediction:

He keeps up doing all the shit he’s been doing with absolutely zero consequences and ends up being Acting Secretary of State from 2025-2027.