Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

I’m sure everyone has one or more elderly relatives who see something on social media and then has to share that with everyone. They don’t do any fact-checking and even resent any suggestion that what they’re sharing isn’t true. It confirms whatever they believe and so dammit, it’s legitimate to them.

Lindell is just like that except he has the fame (infamy?) and resources to share it with EVERYONE. And rather than his more savvy relatives warning him about his sources, he’s being sued for defamation. Also, he’s not just forwarding the info to his friends list/address book, he is going on a full-blown crusade with this.

So think of it as granny sharing crackpot hoaxes she read about on Facebook, just multiple that by a billion in every conceivable way.

I think it’s 1.6 billion.

Enough with the ageist elder-bashing. No age group has a monopoly on uncritical, unexamined falling for shit. Call them idiots or morons or fools, but age has nothing to do with it.

Actually it may not just be an ageist stereotype.

Elder-bashing is calling someone an idiot, moron, or fool because they have trouble adjusting to a new paradigm. Many studies show that elders are more susceptible to scams. I’m not about to call them idiots for it. That’s cruel. :rage:

I though it was obvious from the start that he is a gullible mark. He obviously believes what he is saying, and thinks he is doing the right thing. He will bankrupt himself trying to restore Trump, and be convinced that he’s a hero.

I may be dumb here, but I have just barely enough savvy to know what ROT13 is, and thought that ROT3 was either a typo or a variant of ROT13. Is it something else, or is it really this dumb?

Being more vulnerable to scams happens, clearly. The elder-bashing was about reading and believing and promulgating fallacies on Facebook, so the active party there is victimizing others with misinformation, whatever their motives might be. Elders being scammed are the victims. The two very different things are being conflated.

I should have been more clear: call people promulgating misinformation on social media idiots, morons or fools, whatever their age, irrespective of their age. Being a misbegotten idiot, moron or fool is an equal opportunity employer is what I meant, I just didn’t say it very well.

He could double-encrypt them by running ROT13 twice; that would be unbreakable!

I think that ROT3 is a typo, and Steve_MB is joking.

Steve might have been joking, but my question is real, based on this earlier post:

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A Caesarian cypher by rotating by 3, i.e. A becomes D, B becomes E, etc.

Though in this case, just slightly less stupid. It rotates the byte locations by 3 rather than an alphabetic rotation.

If you check the code, it’s really in there.

With these clowns, apparently the more stupid an idea seems, the more likely it is to be true.

The dumbest people I know are younger people if that helps.

(Maybe the dumbest person I’ve ever known period was myself as a youngster, I’d smack the crap out of myself if I had a time machine.)

Agreed. Please move over in that time machine to make room for me, let the slapping self silly begin.

So if you ROT-3, what does it say? Is it like a bunch of grabs from Project Gutenberg or something?

You can rot any amount:

Vr li brx URW-3, zkdw grhv lw vdb? Lv lw olnh d exqfk ri judev iurp Surmhfw Jxwhqehuj ru vrphwklqj?

The reason that ROT-13 is pretty common is because another ROT-13 will decode it. I have to run a ROT-23 on what I put up there to decode it.

The Python example at Wikipedia reads like Vogon poetry! :smiley:

I understand what ROT13 is, and just wanted to make sure that ROT3 wasn’t something totally different. But I’m still not clear if anyone has ROT-3 the ROT+3, and if so, whether the results are something intelligible, and if so, what they are.

The original Caesarean code was rotating by three, so these guys are just giving old Julius some respect.