If McCain loses, whose fault is it? THE WITCHES!!!

A friend pointed out this link.

Once you’ve read it, I’m sure you’ll agree that any further comment from me is unnecessary.

That is extremely serious.

I’m here to tell you the ultra top secret hush hush mystical surefire proof against witchcraft and spells.

Step 1: Point at the witch or sorcerer.
Step 2: Laugh

I’m confused. I’ve read several places that Sarah Palin is “God’s Anointed” to take the White House and deliver the country from the Forces of Darkness. Doesn’t an anointing by the Almighty trump a witch’s curse?

Or could these people be just a teensy bit afraid that the divinity they’re praying to might not be the Big Kahuna after all?

Don’t blame us if he loses! Unless you want him to lose…then it was all us.

Please. You think we’re using our powers for something as puny as an election affecting a single area of land on one planet?

We’re plotting to take out Skald the Rhymer, bitches. :smiley:

No. It’s super, super serial is what it is.

The best part:

The rest doesn’t raise a single eyebrow. But the idea that FOX News could be involved…whoa. That just couldn’t possibly be true.

Does this work against people who (apparently) show real concern about what witches are allegedly doing? Because that would be good.

sigh OK, I’m breaking “the code” and getting myself into a lot of trouble, but The Simpsons has been trying to clue people in for a while now and as they say; you can shout the secrets of the universe from the rooftops, and only those who know will understand.

This method is proof against all manner of things. It’s the ultimate act of thaumaturgy.

Well, Palin’s preacher has experience fighting witches, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Oh wait. . .

Uh, oh.

(And WTH is it with Kenyans this year? They really seem to be coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden. I can understand a connection to Obama, but Palin? That don’t make no sense. :confused: )

I think they are afraid that God is a big pussy and Satan would whip His ass in a fair fight. I mean, does this look like a fair match-up to you?

Are we sure this isn’t the real Sarah Palin?

I’ll get my large wooden scales and a duck and nip right on down to Kenya to take care of this.
Of course, then there was this.

Aren’t you supposed to follow the two link rule for that?

You should also draw a pentagram around each link too, just in case.

All right! I asked for one of those after I saw the one of whats-her-face from Minnesota!

Edit: Michele Bachmann

Articles like that make me wonder if if the other civlized societies are whacky or if its just us?

That zany, whacky cousin Odinga!

I dunno. Seems like the sort of thing that could get you arrested.

I like that the guy sort of provides citations at the end.

Well, if a portion of a book and some websites said it, it must be true.