Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

Well it could become dominion pillow.

No, no. If they sold those pillows then people could badmouth them and they’d no longer be able to claim defamation.

Just Acting Assistant. This crew does not reward their minions that well.

In the end he’s fired “disgracefully” after trying to convince a Senate committee that Mongolia has declared war.

Acting Assistant to the Secretary of State.

I shrute what you did there.

Now I’m waiting for the MyPillow that’s stuffed with shredded beets.

Isn’t Mikey supposed to be rich? Does he really need to be having a yard sale to raise lawyer money?

The 10-seat luxury aircraft, which has three fixed engines…

As opposed to… What?

There’s rich, and then there’s rich. He’s got more money than you or I, but he’s no Donald Trump.

He’s wealthy. Doesn’t mean he has a lot of free cash flow he can tap into at a moment’s notice.

I’m assuming most of his wealth comes from holding MyPillow stock, which is not publicly traded. The company probably throws off enough cash from operations into his own accounts for his normal daily needs, but considering what he’s been burning through the past year or so, he may be getting close to the bottom of his own cash reserves.

He could sell some stock and dilute his ownership stake. Alternately, he could try to find a bank that would give him a loan against some of his shares. The bank would have to assess MyPillow’s business going forward to decide on a suitable valuation of the shares, including its assessment of the continued viability of propping up several Fox News shows through its advertising, as well as the stability of the founder and CEO of the company. So, good luck with that.

He may think he just needs to get through the next four months and when Donald Trump is restored to the presidency, all will be well. But that’s the kind of thinking that can lose control of the company, and maybe get 1500 Minnesotans laid off when their boss goes belly up.

Neither is Donald Trump.

Well, the last I heard, a Trump airplane was stuck at an upstate New York(?) airport with no fixed engines – their hours had expired.

I imagine that Lindell may be worried about court ordered property seizures, and it’s easier to hide money than an airplane.

And she got it in one. :trophy:

Mikey has been pretty quiet for a few days. He’s making up for it now, though–a Salon reporter is antifa and an enemy of the people and Mikey is going to spend a lot of money “going after” him.

Because Mikey wants another defamation suit against him?

Or for one of his Pillowheads to take his words badly.

Another recent Salon story (and another threatening a journalist.)

Birds of a feather grift together.

(Birds of chunks of foam rubber?)

I saw enough of his symposium, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, to see that this dude is first and foremost a pillow salesman, and that every public thing he does is first and foremost about selling pillows.