Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

Tweet, tweet, coo the grifting chucklef***s,
By ones and twos, how they love to cluck,
“Fake news”, “Stolen”, they always parrot,
Their beloved man-child (colored carrot),
Pillows and Heaven they aim to sell,
They cry, “Buy our stuff or go to Hell”

I disagree. He sees himself as a hero fighting against a stolen election. He’s willing to bankrupt himself to help Trump. His recent activities have cost him a lot of pillow sales. And he will keep doing the same things. This is not about selling pillows.

Did you watch any of the symposium?

According to himself, anyway.

I disagree he’s willing to bankrupt himself.

He delusional enough to think he’ll ultimately prevail (one way or another). That’s a salient feature of the mediocre, middle to older aged conservative men. That said, he’s also either incompetent enough or self-medicated enough (and he seems like he’s under the influence of some heavy-duty stuff) to actually bankrupt himself before realizing he’s gone too far.

I get that impression too. I don’t think he’s a grifter, I think he’s a mark.

He is both, a grark.

Maybe he also grifts himself.

Don’t make up words. He’s a mifter.

Lindell is not nearly honest and trustworthy enough to be a member of the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team.

I did that all through high school. Sometimes more than once a day.

No mention of “my pillow”?

I don’t know how close you were to your pillow, but mine was a whore. Anyone could get head from her.

Mike Lindell believes the government wanted to kill him:

“And guess who was No. 1 on that list to come and get? Me,” he added, referring to the government. “I’m going, ‘God they’re gonna kill me.’ You know, they’re gonna put me and hang me. And basically [that] is what I’m thinking, and at that moment, he said, You know, I got to put a documentary, just put the evidence out there and make it.”

Lindell’s little love spat with Fox News is amusing. He’s regretting breaking up with them, and keeps trying to get them to run his ads again.

But he seems incapable of producing a straight-up pillow ad anymore, and always has to throw in some reference to his stupid Frank Speech platform, causing Fox to reject his ads again and again, increasing his heartbreak.

That man needs an intervention.

Maybe the ‘Absolute Proof’ Lindell keeps talking about is actually an Everclear competitor from Sweden. And he really likes it.

<< “[Fox] has done more damage to our country than all the left wing media combined,” he added. >>

Finally, we agree on something.

Proof that the US didn’t want to kill him is that he’s not dead.

I wonder if he’s aware that Fox Business still has his old MyPillow Bed infomercials in their rotation.