Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

“In an early Wednesday morning text exchange, however, Lindell claimed the plaintiffs would be announced at the protest. He then gave The Daily Beast the names of four states, on the condition they not be named until the announcement: All of them, however, were Democratic states, two of which were already listed as defendants in his draft.”

So two of the defendants were also going to be plaintiffs? Yet again Lindell logic boggles the mind.

He’s so unhinged at this point, that I semi-seriously wonder if he even realizes he’s trying to have two names be both plaintiff and defendant.

You’ve never truly lived until you’ve sued yourself.

That pillow guy shall hereinafter be referred to as [Insert Pillow Guy’s name here].

It’s filing the countersuit that really gets things going.

‘The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’, literally.

You mean Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive.

Just figured out how to get this place to pay for itself: Comedians need to workshop their one-liners here. We’ll get that shit fuckin’ funny.

The definition of only the lawyers win.

Unless, of course, it ends up with discipline proceedings, as Guiliani and Powell have discovered.

Client: If it pleases the court, I was clearly represented by an attorney that should no longer be allowed to practice law

Judge: You represented yourself

Client’s attorney: And an asshole for a client.

Ok, it’s time Mike was checked for brain tumor.

Wiki says he has four children so I do wonder if they are worried about him or if they are all just like him or if they are embarrassed and pissed at him or something else all together.

They surely feel all those things, or else they’re as fucked up as he is.

‘Tell me about it! Cut this stupid thing off of me!’
I am Joe’s Mike’s Brain Tumor

That poor brain tumor has a Mike!

Because threatening to boycott Fox worked so well for him:

And Lin Wood and Patrick Byrne ( former Overstock CEO, ex-boyfriend of Maria Butina and all around crazy conspiracy theorist) are feuding as well, although I’m not sure what this one’s about. Byrne is still all up in the election fraud scam, he’s promoting Lindell’s lawsuit on his website.

The gist of most of these internal feuds seems to be ………He isn’t doing enough to Fix 2020, expose the fraud, and reinstate Trump…send your money to me instead!

Of course, anyone that makes the mistake of suggesting that Biden is President and that conservatives should move on to harassing health care workers and burning books is immediately and vocally attacked by the Fix 2020 First crowd.

I’ve been popping in to Lindell’s little Thanks-a-thon occasionally this weekend - it’s underwhelming - and this morning, he was ironically promoting his rehab service for drug addicts. I have no idea what kind of rehab he offers, I went to the website for his recovery service and I still have no idea how it works, I think you fill out a form telling Mike what you’re afflicted to and he has a phone app that makes you all better……or something.

At this point, except to use him as a time-filler, why would anybody have him on? He has to be a joke among them after his sputtering cyber symposium.