Two ads with but a single concept

While watching “Alias” last night two ads ran. One was for “The Practice” moving to Monday nights and featured two guys fighting, ending up in a fountain with their clothes ripped off. In the next commercial break an ad with identical visuals ran, except it was two women fighting. I can’t recall what product the women were fighting over. Which came first? Is one a parody of the other? Is there a whole series of these ads for different products and/or shows that mirror each other?

The Practice ads (there are two and they mirror each other) are parodies of the Budweiser ad with two chicks fighting each other “Great Taste!” “Less filling!”

… yeah, what pepperlandgirl said, except it’s Miller Lite, not Budweiser.

The next question is how bad has your show become if you have to do a parody of an alcohol commercial in an attempt to get viewers to tune back in?

LOL, I knew it was some brand of beer that i don’t drink…

Based on the few episodes I actually sat through at the beginning of the season, pretty damn awful.