Two Affordable Care Act questions (Oregon specific)

So my wife filled out paperwork for the Oregon healthcare exchange. She’s medically retired and gets Social Security Disability, Medicare, and Medicaid. I am working part time through a temp agency and have no coverage at all.

Question 1. The form she first filled out is to see what she qualifies for. My information is on it too, so I won’t need to fill one out for myself, right? After all, it would have the same information on it, just with me as the primary.

Question 2. Can we sign up for a family plan? Most businesses let an employee include their spouse in the coverage. So could we do that, or will we need to sign up for individual plans?


  1. Yes, the exchanges offer both individual and family plans

  2. Sounds like she applied for a family plan. If it was an individual plan, it wouldn’t have asked for your info.

Thank you. I really appreciate it.