Two and a half years in the making....

But I’m pleased to announce my 500th post.

<------------ !!!
It’s hard to think I’ve been reading this forum for around 3 years. (I had another name when I first landed here, but something happened after 6 months and I couldn’t log in)

I found Straight Dope by was of television. A cable channel used to run “The Straight Dope” and I fell in love with that show. One of the few shows on television I looked forward to. Man was I pissed when it got canceled.

Some time later I got to thinking and wondered if the show was going to be back on the air or, what I hoped, The Straight Dope had a website. I fired up the modem and loggen in.

Bingo! Here I am and here I stayed.

I don’t always have anything interesting to say (thus the low post count after 30 months) but I do my best.

So, to my fellow dopers… thanks for the answers, ideas, insight, laughs, and rants.

This is the best forum on the internet.

Warmest congratulations. You’re right – this is a good place to be. :slight_smile:

Wow,. I never expected this many replies.

(cheers Ice)

Seven, you’ve been behind us for a while now. Will your location ever change to “AHEAD OF YOU!” ? :smiley:

Happy 500 posts and here’s to more wonderful years on these boards!

It’s posts like this that make me look at my own post count and realize just how little of a life I have. 700something, and I’ve been here what, 5 months?

Lel: No. Because then when I shout “BOO!” you’ll just say “shhh. not so loud” instead of “EEEEEK!”

Wolf: There are other forums (music related) that I gabber up a storm in. But those are a bit more silly then this place.