two brains?!

Oh my gosh.
Last night my son got a dinosaur cassette tape with cute songs on it.
He was telling me about the different kinds of dinosaurs.
There was one (I forgot the name) he told me it has two brain, one in its tail and one in the head.
I said, Where did you get that? Did your teacher tell you that?
Yep, she did.
I remember the part of Cecil’s book where he mentioned that. Its not true!
How can they teach this stuff in school?!!

In human anatomy, they talk about hind brain and forebrain. It’s really all the same, one brain, just different parts.

Because many teachers are horrendously unqualified.

My University economics professor told her entire class that more women are beaten by their husbands during the Superbowl than any other time..

BTW: this is the dinosaur-with-two-brains column.

The two-brained dinosaur thing was passed along to me in a filmstrip when I was in elementary school.


I guess it was wrong.


I know have to throw everything I learned in to the trash.

I saw a documentary once about a man with two brains.