Two Dead Like Me questions

I like the show, but I missed the first few episodes from season one, and some in-between from when I started watching until now. So I have two questions that faithful viewers of the show should know the answers to.

  1. Why are some people chosen as reapers instead of passing on to the other side?

  2. In the episode where George got her first celebrity reap, when Roxy shoots the guy that Mason was supposed to reap, since he didn’t make it in time, what happened to the guy’s soul?


  1. Every reaper has a set quota of souls they have to reap before they get to move on to whatever comes next. The last one they reap takes their place as a Reaper.

  2. She got reaped - just a little bit later than is entirely optimal. She had to experience her death, which is not particularly fun, but she at least doesn’t have to experience autopsy and rot - which she would experience if she wasn’t reaped at all.

Doh! I said guy when it was a woman that got shot. Oops. :smack:

Anyway, when Mason brushed his hand against her after she was dead and nothing happened, I thought that maybe it ment her soul was lost or something.

Anyway, thanks for the answers.

The little cloud of blue sparklies did happen. It wasn’t as close a shot as most of the reaps are, though, so if you were watching on a small screen (or glanced away, as reaps are always pretty quick), you could have missed it easily. Especially since that goth chick freaked out.

Well, yes, I saw the blue sparks, but what I’m getting at is that he did it a couple of times with no results. And he was clearly frustrated. He rubbed his hand on her, blue sparks happened, but we (and presumably he) never saw her soul for him to guide to the next world.

There’s a lot of reaps like this. The big mass reap earlier the season, for instance. Mason actually seems to get more of them than the others.