Two-Face vs. Mazikeen

Who would win if they had to fight against each other, just the two of them, hand-to-hand combat?

I’d put my money on Mazikeen.

I don’t get out much; who’s Mazikeen?

From the ongoing Lucifer series. Given that she’s one of the Lilim (and apparently an ass-kicker even by those standards), I don’t see how there’s any contest there.

On the other hand, Harvey Dent looks much better with his face fixed up that Mazikeen does with hers “repaired”.

Mazikeen and Lucifer first appeared in Sandman, FTR.

Mazikeen is missing the left side of her face (which leads to one disturbing kiss when Luci leaves Hell… >_<)

And, yeah, Mazikeen would kick Two-Face from Hell to the Silver City, and back, by way of Letharge.

I don’t think proposing fights based on a unpleasant cosmetic similarity is healthy for all the characters involves.