Two games I found fun/amusing.

I just wanted to share two games that had my brother and I occupied, amused, and chuckling for a good hour or so last night.
The first is Achievement Unlocked. What you do is just start the game and run around. There is no finishing point…all you do is run around the little room and try to unlock as many achievements as you can. Every time you get one, it say what it is on-screen and then be placed on the righthand side, on a scrolling list.
Very fun and a very clever game. We got most of the achievements unlocked without having to look them up.

The seconds is its sequel, Achievement Unlocked 2. Bigger, better, wayyy more achievements than the first installment. Again, it surprised me how clever the game is with the types of achievements you happen to get.
Strongly recommended if you have a spare hour or so.
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So anyone get all (or most) of the achievements unlocked without using any walkthroughs?

Yes. Thanks, saw on preivew the Achivement Unlocked, and I was trying to recall the “This is the only Level” name.

The music [Cranky Geeks used it too] and the Elephant “pawn” as well as the phone it in art style* let me know instantly that it was the same.

*** Non-pejorative. Believe the hype, the games are great. **

I took a good look at the achivement list for Achivement 1, and had to look up a few things based on the name of the achivement alone. I did not directly look at walkthroughs. There was one … ahem, code that everyone my age, my generation should know by heart. I needed a refresher.

Do a barrel roll, was similar to the achivement in 1 I had to look up. I knew Barrel roll at least. [Thanks YTMND]

Not actually possible in the first one, at least (may be with 2, too, but I got tired of that pretty fast), since one of the achievements is going to the walkthru.

(Well…you CAN get 98 of them, but you can’t get Cheater or…the achievement you get for getting all 99 of the others.)

I got to about 75%. I think that’s enough for me.

I got 229 out of 250 on Achivement 2 before I packed it up for the night.

I got Row Row Row Your Boat, and I would guess there are more like it. Not that I would have the patience to do that.

Hot Coffee was fun though.

The best thing about these games : Run Elephant Run. The story of what happened to the elephant when he hit it big. It’s frenetic but brief.

I haven’t read through the entire thread, to avoid spoilers,but I’m at 76%. I’m kind of stuck right now, though.

Finally finished the second game, took me about 62 minutes. The payoff was totally worth it. :slight_smile:

That was fun… finished all 5 of them… thanks!

Yeah, I discovered AU2 a couple of months ago, and then went looking for 1. Once you know what you’re doing, you can finish it in under 15 minutes pretty easily, but I don’t think I’ve gotten below 13.

Apparently there’s a cooperative multiplayer mode, too. Anyone up for trying that?