Two grooming-type questions...

  1. I’ve gotten fed up with the cheapo fingernail clipper I bought. It’s the only one I’ve ever used that’s “gummed” my nails (closed around the nail without actually cutting into it any appreciable amount), sometimes under the same circumstances in which it worked just fine. Any tips on how to avoid a future purchase that’ll do the same thing?

  2. I’ve got this callus on my right big toe that I discovered a long time ago. I’ve messed with it some — using my toenail clippers to peel off callused layers — but it’s still kind of there, and still bothers me a tad. What’s the best way to get rid of all of it? Stuff like the PedEgg says it does so, but I don’t feel like buying one of those things just for this. Are those stick-on cushions any good?

  1. Buy higher quality clippers. My wife buys Revlon. They cost about $8 a pair, but they always work. I used to buy the cheap ones; I don’t buy them anymore, I just use hers.

  2. Calluses form because of pressure. I am guessing the callus is on the side of your toe. This is because your shoes are putting pressure on the side of your big toe. You probably don’t notice anymore, but if you remove the pressure, the callus will go away. The pads work by spreading the pressure out over a wider area. Your best bet is to get shoes that fit better; that is, shoes that don’t put any pressure on the side of your big toe.