Two Kennedy family members lost in Chesapeake bay

Even if they had life jackets the water is way too cold now. Probably can’t survive more than an hour at most .

Geez, that Kennedy curse just never ends.

It started with Joseph Kennedy Jr. dying on a secret WWII mission.

Then Rosemary Kennedy’s mental illness & bungled lobotomy that left her shattered.

JFK & Robert’s assassination. Ted car wreck that killed Mary Jo Kopechne. Left her to die in a flooded car.

The modern Kennedy’s keep having drug addictions and tragedies.

Yes, the ongoing tragedy of RFK Jr.'s behavior should make the list.

I don’t understand why. After all, the best way to break a curse like that is to engage in as much risky behavior as possible.

The Kennedy Family almost make me believe in Karma.

really bad decision to go into cold water for a ball. Or go after anything in cold choppy water.

So Ted kills someone and is never punished, lives a rich long life while getting reelected to the Senate. A Kopechne curse maybe, but not a Kennedy curse.

Two more COVID-19 related deaths?

I wonder how dangerous these waters typically are?

This was a beach. I assume people swim there in warm weather? The mother used the kayak to retrieve a ball. It doesn’t seem like it would be dangerous that close to the shore.

Seems like they’d post warnings if the current sweeps small boats into the Chesapeake Bay.

I grew up on the Bay. I saw a post on Facebook that the winds were gusting over 30 mph at the time. A local friend didn’t even want to get aboard her boat at the dock to retrieve something she said it was so windy. Sounds like they got pushed out into the Bay from a cove and got their canoe swamped by whitecaps.

Kennedy Family Members Presumed Dead After Canoe Accident in Windy Conditions on Chesapeake Bay

Always brings to mind the song:

(Glad I’m) Not a Kennedy by New Zealander Shona Laing.

Wearin’ the fame like a loaded gun
Tied up with a rosary
Ooh, I’m glad I’m not a Kennedy

Don’t forget Michael Kennedy, who died in 1997 after skiing into a tree.

Definitely the wrong conditions to be in a kayak.
Thank you for the explanation.

you can kayak in cold water if you are very good at it and have a wetsuit or drysuit. Important thing is the ability to roll back up if you get flipped over. A lot of whitewater kayaking is done on rivers which can be cold so you can almost always get out of the river if you have a problem or get too cold. In a large bay or ocean getting to shore can be very hard which was probably their problem.

Don’t forget that Joseph and Rose Kennedy had nine children. Many had multiple children, Robert in particular. So it’s a large family and a certain number of deaths and tragedies are to be expected in that large a number of people.

Oh, how sad. :frowning:

RFK had 11 kids, youngest was born after he died.

The reports I’ve seen said they were in a canoe, which would be even more prone to getting swamped by waves.

And shoot, JFK, Jr., his wife and wife’s sister.

I’d suspect most of us could randomly combine any 2-3-4-5 smaller families, and not come up with as many untimely deaths.

You’da thunk they could afford a replacement kickball…