Two Lovers on the Run From the Law

Just to finish a previous question: a list of movies about the stated topic. So far I have:

Bonnie and Clyde
True Romance
Natural Born Killers
Series 7: The Contenders

Let’s add some.

Does Thelma & Louise count? :wink:

Gun Crazy (1949)

In Cold Blood with an asterisk.

To think, I thought I’d be the first to get in with that joke.

Grumbles Damn quote button.

I intended to quote BrainGlutton, if it wasn’t obvious.

Take the Money and Run Steve Miller Band

Outlaw Blues (1977)

Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde

Blade Runner, at the end, anyway.

Robin and Marian.

Sugarland Express

Although there is a movie with that title, I don’t think it’s about lovers on the run. :slight_smile:

Mrs. Soffel starring Diane Keaton and Mel Gibson.


Oh! Oh! Just thought of another one: “Logan’s Run.”

Robert Altman’s Thieves Like Us is a goodie.

Fire with Fire (1986), one of the lamsters being a young beauty named Virginia Madsen.

How about Aloha, Bobby and Rose (whatever happened to Paul Le Mat, anyhoo?)

True Romance


Elvira Madigan

Kiss or Kill is an interesting Australian variant of the “lovers on the run from the law” theme.