TWO mid-90s songs IDs

Okay, I’ve been meaning to post these so I might as well get both of them out of the way right now:

  1. Straight-on techno song whose chorus goes something like “welcome to my planet soul”. Singer sounds like a cross between Deee-lite and the stereotypical techno diva. My mind, the Googles do nothing!

  2. The one everyone called “The Celtic Hip Hop song.” The only words to it was something like “fever” repeated several times in the song, but the music was something like traditional Celtic dance music combined with techno/hip hop.

  3. This song about a girl dancing on the sand, it sounded like an 80s tune.

It’s been so long I can’t remember any other details but I’m sure Dopers won’t let me down. Yes I’m kidding about #3

Song #1 may be “Set U Free,” by Planet Soul. It contains several repetitions of “come into my planet soul.”

It’s on the soundtrack of this video.

  1. George Acosta: “Set Me free”

  2. No idea

  3. Marianas Trench: “1960” - (remix: 20 minutes)

Planet Soul - Set you free


Duran Duran Rio - “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand”?

Celtic hip hop- Jump Around By House of Pain?

Planet Soul – Can’t get youtube but from the description that sounds like the right one. Thanks U2!

I had a feeling this would be a guess but forgot to post it. It’s more of the opposite: Jump Around was more of a rap song without hip hop than hip hop without the rap: what I was thinking of was basically techno with some hip hop or trip hop or house influences, but with traditional guitars and rhythms behind it, too. (But everyone called it the Celtic Hip Hop song.)

The only one I can think of, which is a bit of a long shot, is “dream” by Forest for the Trees, or if you go off more in an ambient/trip hop direction, something like “Sadness” by Enigma.


  1. This song about a girl dancing on the sand, it sounded like an 80s tune.

Ballerina…you must’ve seen her…dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me…always with me…Tiny Dancer in my hand.

Elton John, c. 1972

But the key is that it repeats the word “Fever…” in a female voice several times in the song. Thanks for the help so far everyone though. (Ironically that’s the one I’d rather have the answer to, as the one by Planet Soul was good to know nostalgically but I figure if I ever actually heard it I’d get tired of it after awhile.)


You’re thinking of Hold me Closer, Tony Danza.

I also thought of “Dream” by Forest from the Trees, but neither the male nor female vocals say the word “fever” at all, let alone constantly. (Even if it wasn’t, I enjoyed hearing that song again).

Does the instrumental beat in your song sound like the one in Dream?

You might look over House of Pain’s discography, when I did a search for “Celtic Hip Hop Song” one of the first links was to a Wikipedia article which names them as the first Celtic Hip Hop group to gain noteriety. So, might still be by them?

After 13 years I found it! It was posted to a nostalgia group I’m in on Facebook. It’s Sleepy Maggie, and the slow singing sort of sounds like “Fever” but probably isn’t. Me misremembering that detail made it completely impossible to search for!

grats! well done!