Two Monitors Side-by-Side; Any Problems?

So I just got a new computer and decided to place the monitors side-by-side . I noticed though that when I turned either monitor off, then back on, it would cause the other monitor to ripple and change colors for a brief second, as if it were just degaussed. Does this pose any harm to either monitor?


From experience, probably not, though if the two monitors are set at different refresh rates, the magnetic field of one may cause noticeable interference (wobbling or rippling) in the other.

I’ve been running dual monitors side-by-side at home for over a year, and at work longer than that. Never had any problems. If one were to have problems, I think simply degaussing the monitors should solve most issues.

Another dual monitor user here – no problems.

I highly recommend a dual monitor managing program such as Ultramon. It’s 40 bucks, but you can try out the trial for 30 days.

Thanks Harmonix, but I actually meant that both monitors are attached to separate computers, which actually leads into my next question.

Are there any problems with putting two CPUs (base-units, or whatever you refer the actual computer itself as) side-by-side? Thanks.


If changing refresh rates, as suggested, doesn’t solve the problem, then you need a sheild between the two monitors - basically it just needs to be an appropriate sheet of metal, ask in a decent computer shop for what they advise.