Two Mounties Gone - R.I.P.

Driving down Albert Street this afternoon; saw that the flags on the Legislature were at half-mast; said to myself, “Who’s died?” and then I realised: it meant we’ve lost two Mounties.

A week ago, Constable Marc Bourdages (26) and Constable Robin Cameron (29) responded to a “domestic” call - a family dispute in a home. It turned into a high-speed chase. It ended with both of them taking severe head wounds. According to the RCMP news release, Cst. Cameron died Saturday just before midnight; Cst. Bourdages a little bit after midnight, Sunday morning.

Coming just a year after the loss of four Mounties at Meyerthorpe, Alberta, this hits hard.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

Link to media story: Two Mounties Shot in Saskatchewan Have Died.

Poor souls. And their poor families. bows head :frowning: