Two new additions to the Conservative Book of the Week Club

Two new entries of the conservative book club. The Liberals are at it again!

Michael Savage The Savage Nation, saving America from, guess what…Liberals!

Mona Charen Useful Idots, I wonder who the idots are???

In case you didn’t know it, “useful idiots” is not a term created by Mona Charen. It wasn’t even created by a conservative. It’s a phrase used by V.I. ULyanov, aka Lenin- the father of the Soviet Union.

Lenin referred to Western liberals and peaceniks as “useful idiots,” because, while they weren’t communists themselves and weren’t in the employ of the Soviet Union, they could always be counted on to do and say exactly what the Soviet Union wanted them to.

Today, Saddam Hussein has his own “useful idiots” in the West: People who don’t like him, who don’t support him, but who can be counted on to do and say exactly what he wants them to.