Two new "college" series that might not suck

  1. “The Best Years” - on The N, which I believe is the nighttime version of Noggin. Samantha Best is a foster kid who’s received a full tuition scholarship to prestigious East Coast school Charles University. The pilot (available free on iTunes) starts off pretty standard. Samantha has to choose between hanging out with her snobby roommate and the nerdy-but-nice girl, Samantha has to figure out how to make enough money for non-scholarship expenses, Samantha meets a boy she likes and so on. Pretty standard fare, until the scene where one of the popular kids falls off the roof to his death and Samantha, her roommate and the boy conspire to cover up their involvement. Throw in a former child star attending the school and a mysterious woman whose interest in Samantha has more to it than it seems and there are possibilities.

  2. “Greek” - on ABC Family. Semi-nerdy younger brother of a popular sorority girl decides he’s going to rush a fraternity. Characters include the boy and the sister, a guy the brother meets during rush who Has A Secret, the sister’s cheating boyfriend and her ex, who’s the brother’s pledge master. The pilot (also free on iTunes) had some good moments to it, enough to convince me to watch another episode or two.

The fact that it’s on ABC Family leads me to believe that the show won’t be 1/100th as realistic as actually rushing for a fraternity is.

Well they can’t show all aspects of actual rushing that would be a no no, but I do think they did a good job of showing some of the good stuff on the premiere last night. Did anyone actually catch Greek?

I got about 10 minutes into Greek and bailed. Nothing grabbed me. See ya!


really I watched last nights episode and it was really good, they had my attention the entire time. I really liked the entire thing with Rusty and his roommate and school work. I like seeing him juggle both things, because I do believe that you can have and do both. Yay for Rusty!

While my knowledge of the inner workings of sororities is limited, TV has led me to believe that a pledge can be turfed by pretty much any sister through blackballing. If that’s so then I’m unclear why Casey doesn’t just blackball the Senator’s daughter. Although of course having the skank around will make for more of the drama so there’s an out-of-universe explanation but the in-universe seems a little weak. But overall I’m still liking the show well enough to give it an hour a week.

I think I must have missed an episode of “The Best Years” because the interactions of the principals made no sense to me in light of the events of the pilot. None of these people should be friends at all, yet two of them are contemplating dating. I need to check if TWOP is recapping it because I still kind of want to know what’s going on with the scholarship woman but little else is of interest.

Well she did blackmail her end the end. Someone sent her a video of her sleeping with Evan and she decided to use it to her advantage to get her room back. I am happy because I don’t really like Rebecca at all.

I continue to be impressed by “Greek.” Last night’s episode could so easily have gone off into cliche on so many fronts. The whole “sports nerd makes good” thing could have been paid off with the standard “Rusty makes the winning goal” but they went beyond it in a way I at least hadn’t seen before. Similarly the gay storyline played out very differently than it so often does, with the dad being accepting and the kid being comfortable with his sexuality but just not wanting to be pigeonholed as “the gay one.”

“The Best Years” OTOH seems to be all over the place, trying to cram as many different issues and dramas into too little space. I’m still in for a little while but it needs to grab me soon or I’m gone.