Two Quark (software) questions

I am running Mac system 10 with classic environment. Quark 5.

Most of the time when I go page up, page down, or shift views within pages (with the “hand” tool) I have to toggle the F7 key to refresh my page. If I don’t toggle, I get a smear effect (sounds cool but is not) or just blank, white portions of the page. There may be other keys to hit, but I just know that the F7 works. This is fairly annoying, and I don’t remember if it happened when I switched to Quark 5 or system 10. Any ideas? My boss also has this problem. Each Quark is licensed.

Also, and more recently so probably not related (although who the heck knows?) I am experiencing a “lag” time exactly every 10 minutes (the 10 minutes vary depending on when I turn on my machine). It seems like an autosave but I have that selection unchecked. Also, I did test it and it is not actually saving. So every 10 minutes my computer stops responding for a few seconds. Then it responds for a couple, then it stops responding for a few more, then it is fine until 10 minutes later. It seems to be doing something in the background but I don’t know what. My boss does not experience this problem.

I have searched for these topics in this forum and haven’t found them, but I did find a lot of good advice on similar topics so I have faith…

I’ve found that booting into OS 9 when working in Xpress will solve all the Quark quirks. It’s something I hate to do - which is probably why I switched (for the most part) to InDesign 2.0 in December.

QX version 6 is going to be OSX compatible but I haven’t heard of a release date. I don’t know whether it’s Cocoa or Carbon, either, but I suspect Carbon. I’ll probably go back to Quark then - maybe…

If you don’t want to boot into OS 9, make sure that you have the latest OSX version (10.2.4 as of today)… and make sure you have the latest ‘Classic’ patches (just turn on the automatic software update and launch a Classic application… you’ll be notified if you need the Classic patches…).


Thanks, boo_boo_bear. I’ll try your suggestions. Looking forward to Quark 6, because we aren’t in a position to switch to InDesign (I am apparently not whining loud enough).