Two quick Trading Spaces Questions

  1. After they’re all done and cleaned up, do they have to go back and finish painting the spot where the camera is mounted? I’m assuming that it’s a security camera type, mounted to the wall. Seems like it would be a hassle to deal with, though it could be mounted to the celing, which has less of a chance of being painted.

  2. Why is it that on Day 2, everyone (including the designers) are ALWAYS wearing the same cloths. The homeowners I understand, but why the designers?

To answer question two, it’s for continuity purposes. Sometimes things that happened on Day 2 are edited into the episode as if they happed on Day 1.

No idea about your first question, but it is an interesting one.

  1. Yes, obviously they have to do any finish work required to make the entire room presentable, including spaces where equipment might have been in the way.

  2. Everyone wears the same clothes on both days for continuity purposes. In editing, scenes are inserted into the storyline out of order, footage which may have been filmed early on Day 1 can be put in as if it happened on Day 2 and vice-versa.

Remember that certain parts of the shoot, especially carpentry world (and sometimes sewing world) are used for both teams, so everything pertaining to one team has to be cleared out of the area before someone from the other team can be filmed doing anything there. They can’t be in sewing world, for instance, while half-finished draperies from their own house are sitting there waiting to be finished. Keeping everyone in the same clothes makes it easy to do this without too many problems.

What’s fun to watch, though, are hairstyles on the women. While they put on the same (or similar) outfits, a few have decided to wear a different barrette or ponytail holder on Day 2, so you can watch scenes and say “Day 1, gold barette, Day 2, silver barrette” and you can visibly see the day tricks in action!

I have to add that the surveillance style cameras are mainly used during the load-out at the start of an episode, and the load-in at the end. So it seems pretty likely that they mount (if they even do, rather than being on tripods or simply sitting somewhere in the room) in an easily removable fashion, like clamps that can attach to window or door frames or an over-the-door hanger.