Two serious medical questions

Here are two medical questions that have bothered me for a couple of years:1)When I used to run quite a bit, I would often hear a clicking sound in my teeth as I ran. I always figured this had something to do with my fillings, but I need closure. 2)Why do people often have “glassy” looking eyes the day after heavy drinking?


If you had ever had a hangover, you would know the answer to this one. :smiley:

I’ve had a few in my day. It still doesn’t answer why peoples eyes are glassy looking after they’ve been drinking and are of course hung over the next day. Maybe i’m missing the obvious so please don’t answer in that round-about way and give it to me straight.

Glassy=failure to focus and track. With a good hangover, it hurts too much and it’s too much trouble to do either one.

No clue on the clicking.

Warning: QtM will be here shortly to say “Wrong” and give you the correct answer. :slight_smile:

My non-medical-doctor WAG on the clicking jaw would be that there’s a disorder in your temporomandibular joint. Google TMJ for more links than you’d ever care to have on the topic.