Two things that would be awesome. . .

  1. If when you put something in a spoiler, it wouldn’t be spoiled when you “mouse over” the thread title.

  2. If you could search within the thread you were reading if it were multi-page. For instance, there’s some “name you favorite simpson’s moment” thread and you’ve carefully read the first page, the second page, the third page, the fourth page, the fifth page, the sixth page, the seventh page, the eighth page, the ninth page, the tenth page, but by the time you’re halfway through the eleventh page you start thinking, “did anyone mention sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes? If only I could search this thread for the word ‘rake’ to find out?”

But, that’s probably not up to our hosts, but is rather a function of the software we use, no?

Your first request is something that’s handled by your browser and would likely have to be changed there.

The second is already available. Try the “Search This Thread” function over near the right side in the blue bar just above the OP of any thread.


I mean, WHOA!



Words fail me.

Turn off this option in your browser. Or don’t stop and read.

Look up, to the right…not, not quite that far up, the lower blue bar…one back from “Display Modes”…see where it says, “Search This Thread”? There ya’ go.


So how and where in the browser does one make the change? Say, with IE6.0.