Two thunderstorms - one building, one here already.

To put it in the words that fell out of the mouth of the girl I piggybacked over the four-foot lake in front of the subway platform - “Satan i et svartnende blåhelvete FOR ET VÆR!”

Roughly translated, Satan in a blackening blue-hell, WHAT A WEATHER!

Waking up before my night shift by not the alarm, but by a blue light filling the entire room and a split-second-later thunderclap that sounded like Don Vito being whipped with a birch tree by an angry Ice Giant . . .

Yeah, one takes the hint about how my day’s going to turn out.

Get dressed, get coffee, get hoddie, get jacket, get umbrella and STILL GET WET. I’ve got water up my thighs wading the pond in front of the subway platform (conveniently not having any other entry). Standing in the middle of it, I found myself reminded of the fact that I’m a 1.93m tall guy standing in the middle of a huge pond, without shoes, giving piggyback to a girl who’s holding a metal-tipped umbrella high in the air and there’s no tall buildings around. And there’s lightning flashes twice a minute, less than a mile away. I’m also reminded of the fact that I sent in my reaffirmal that I am leaving the State Church (i.e. affirming my atheism) two days ago. And I missed the payment on my life insurance last month. (Which, at any rate, didn’t have a Darwin clausule)
Unto other news, the other thunderstorm that’s coming is heralded by Russia today announcing through it’s ambassador in Norway that they’re cutting off all military dualistic exercises with us (and all other NATO countries) until NATO stops siding with the aggressor in the Caucasus and refuses Georgia to enter NATO.

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Try going 100 days without a drop of rain and most of your world is on fire and it’s 115 degrees in the shade, then you’ll have a pit worthy thread. :wink:

At this time of year, it’s almost a day shift, isn’t it? You go to work in the light and you return home in the light.

… both alike in dignity

Ah yes - that was one part of working at a hotel up north I could never get used to, but it isn’t as bad down here in Oslo. While it can be refreshing to have midnight sun, it also royally fucks your natural sleep pattern. (And you pay for it in winter, anyhow, when the sun gets up at 9AM and goes down at 2PM, meaning if you work a normal job or go to school, you won’t see the sun until the weekend.)

Yeah, the weather was pretty extreme yesterday. And I like thunderstorms. BOOOM!

I went out biking this morning and the ground is soggy. I nearly got stuck in a mudhole, almost lost a shoe and had to physically strugle with the ground to get my bike back. Weird.

I like your female companions turn of phrase.

She’s northern Norwegian. Shocking, isn’t it?

It could be worse. Like 52 days of rain and 30 thunderstorms since June 1st… The 4 foot puddle is impressive, though.

evil grin Next time there is a thunderstorm, suggest sitting down in front of a nice fire for some peiskos.