Two (unrelated) questions about premature ejaculation and morning wood. TMI (duh)

Color me :confused: at the number of guys in this thread who seem to be able to pee when they have a hard-on.

[WARNING: TMI follows]

I…can, I suppose, if the situation absolutely and immediately requires it, but it involves some very interesting positions and a lot more effort than I care to expend on such a task. I have to somehow raise myself up a couple inches, get positioned directly above the toilet bowl, bend over at about 90 degrees, and then try attempt to compress things enough to force the works to start flowing. Needless to say, I only do this if I’m well and truly desperate. My ex had the misfortune of walking in on me when I was attempting this one morning, and when she saw me, fully “at attention”, leaning over the toilet with one foot on the rim of the bathtub, both hands on the top of the tank supporting my weight, grunting and straining as if attempting to do, er, something decidedly different than peeing while in that position…well, let’s just say I had some ‘splainin’ to do when she was finally able to look me in the eye again. (On the plus side, it did get rid of the erection problem right quick.)

Luckily for all involved, I very rarely have to pee in the mornings until I’ve been up for an hour or so. This gives me ample time to either let the “daily sunrise” set naturally, or resolve the issue in another manner if desired. To that end, I certainly wouldn’t object if my ladyfriend just decided to hop on top on any given morning and go to town.

As for P.E., thanfully, it’s problem I haven’t experienced (yet), so I can’t comment. I’m sure karma is making a note of that as we speak, so I’ll likely have more to report on the matter soon.

But he *wouldn’t *get an erection again, that was the thing. That was it - he was all done. And I didn’t try a lot of times, mainly because I got so sick of his ego, but I did try a few times. (What can I say? I was younger and less sure of myself).

I should point out that I never had intercourse with Mr. PE. No, really - we never got to that point. Thankfully.

It is very inconvenient. I usually have to get rid of it before I go, and I only know of one sure fire way to do that.

So I yell at it until it goes down and then take a piss.

I’m picturing a nice, quiet campsite. Several tents are scattered about. Then Lakai wakes up…


I had an Aussie guy/f-buddy a while back who was odd in many ways, which is probably related to the PE thing. He was great at foreplay and managed to keep things inside, but upon entry it only took about a minute. He seemed to have no control over it and like someone else has mentioned, refused to talk about it or even acknowledge he had a problem.
He didn’t like to do post coital cuddling or chat or anything, and seemed to lose all interest in continuing or pleasing me (which doesn’t take that much effort either).
He couldn’t seem to understand that I wasn’t having fun, which is why I stopped the brief relationship.
I guess that’s what was really confusing to me, why he thought I would keep the thing going when it was based on sex which I couldn’t enjoy!! I told him all of this and he still tried to pursue me - had a very nice arse though.

Rubber, whips and chains are what you need.

Morning pee break interrupting sex with the morning woody? Use rubber sheets, and enjoy the watersports.

Premature ejaculation? Just keep whipping the fellow until you want him to climax.

And the chains? Use them to keep the poor dear from fleeing.

Have fun!

It’s easy to pee with an erection. What’s hard is pointing the erection downwards - even if you push it down enough to get it pointed in the right direction, that cuts the flow off entirely.

This is why God invented the shower.

This I’m gonna have to take a big fat pass on.

Keeeeriiiist on a cracker. Call me vanilla if you must, but I just don’t need some fella peeing on me, thankyouverymuch.

I have had very few episodes of ‘PE’. The problem is that after the ‘PE’, the last thing I wanted to do was 40 minutes of foreplay. The ‘PE’ left me feeling no sexual feelings at all for about 30 minutes.
I was under the impression that was the case for most men. I do not really know.

Morning wood is quite usable, and not necessarily related to a full bladder (ideally, I’d wake up at about five for a pee, get back to sleep, and wake up again with Mr Happy standing to attention), but I do find I’m quite insensitive at that time of day, or at least the OETS is. Not that I’ve had many occasions to use it over the years.

Premature ejaculation’s never been a concern of mine, but ordinarily, assuming I can get hard again within a reasonable timeframe, it takes a lot more stimulation to get me off - nothing to do with sperm, possibly a little more to do with glands, probably mostly to do with nerve endings that have already been fired off. It’s been rare for me to bother with a second go, though; an ex-SO once remarked that my philosophy was to “do it once, and do it right”. :smiley: So Mr Premmie might well be advised to go with the conventional wisdom and try again as soon as maybe.

I have better orgasms when my bladder is telling me it’s full, i don’t know if they’re actually related though. Also it takes me much longer to actually orgasm if I have sex or masurbate with morning wood. No real problems with PE although my Prince Albert piercing seems to speed things up.

[Tenacious D]
You don’t always have to fuck her hard.
In fact, sometimes that’s not right to do.
Sometimes you’ve got to make some love,
and fuckin’ give her some smooches, too.


Foreplay is such fun.

If I were searching for some kind of sex related subject matter for a thesis, it would be on this subject alone Men vs Women and their thoughts on the matter of a Good Hard Dicking. Think of the coffee house discussions!

Let me point out that this is true, and useful, I’ve seen it in guys, too. “Insensitive” means “lasts longer”.

However, I am a surly morning person at best. So I don’t generally take advantage of it myself.

“Lasts longer” has been known to mean “lasts too darn long”, though, even without it being the Morning Woody. So it can be a mixed blessing. :frowning:

I find that bending it down like that tends to lift my heels off the floor, making it difficult to aim.

Seriously, it is a myth that the urge to urinate or a full bladder causes “morning wood.” It’s a coincidence. According to some research I’ve done on ED and sexual performance anxiety (hey, I’m 55 – gimme a break, huh??) the penis’ normal condition is erect, but muscles in the base of the organ contract to keep blood flow down, resulting in a flaccid penis. Erection occurs when stimulation relaxes those muscles, allowing blood to flow into the penis faster than it flows out. Performance anxiety defeats this because tension or stress causes the muscles to contract. When a guy is waking up, his body is, of course, relaxed, including the muscles that control erection, thus morning wood. The fact that he has to urinate at that time is understandable – he’s been asleep all those hours.

One upside to growing older is that my bladder wakes me up very early – about 4:30 in the morning – leaving me time to get back to sleep for an hour or so before time to get up. The bladder is empty, but I’m very relaxed from sleeping and … well, let’s just say my Razorette looks forward to Saturday mornings with great anticipation these days.

What, you guys never divert the flow of a hose with your thumb while watering the lawn? Same thing works just fine for mornin’ wood. Might want to practice in the shower the first time, but it is easy and works.

I have small orgasms with a full bladder. Seems like the contracting muscles part of the orgasm doesn’t really happen because all the muscles are presently fully contracted.

PE…never had it, but I’ve envisioned it as variations on two movies:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High has the guy in and over within 10 seconds.
Matador (Antonio Banderas’ first or second movie as a young whelp of a man) Banderas tries to rape a woman in between two cars and cums as he pulls his penis out of his pants and only hits her thigh.


Re: Morning Sex
I love morning sex. Having said that, 98% of the time when I wake up, woody or no, I have to GO. Any pressure on my bladder will be like squeezing a sponge. Also, when I just wake up, I don’t feel attractive - my mouth usually tastes like the inside of a sneaker, my breath probably smells like a footballer’s cleats during the second overtime, and my skin feels a little slimy. Let me take care of that, and I’ll come back all happy to go. I feel better about myself, which is better for everyone involved.

Re: Premature Ejaculation
It sucks. Many men are not mentally equipped to talk openly about their problems, especially one so personal and humiliating. Some men may lash out at inappropriate targets (such as Anaamika’s ex-boyfriend); some will just sulk and withdraw into themselves. Can’t speak for others, but during a brief encounter with it a decade or so ago, it was all penetration based. Then, no matter what, it was as Andrew Dice Clay once intoned, “One stroke - Done!” It definitely is all in the head, and even worse, once it happens, one is thinking about it the next time, so it not only stays in the head, but it grows in there like a nasty weed. It is not something easily faced head-on - it is embarassing and emasculating. And most testosterone-producers do not want to discuss this with someone whom they hope views him as potent and virile, nor is it likely we’re going to admit it within our circle of friends. Women may not understand why we won’t talk about it, but you’ll just have to chalk it up to one of those Mars/Venus differences.

The morning wood;
Happens lots of mornings where I don’t actually have to pee (bad). I think whats-his-name wakes up earlier than whats-his-names-owner and is trying to say, “It’s a new day, let’s go boss, c’mon, lets get up and see what’s out there. Action awaits.”
If I really have to pee bad then it can be a rather uncofortable experience. This usually means that we’ll be taking a shower to make the experience easier on the both of us. Or sitting on the loo.

Premature ejaculation;
I always thought that premature ejaculation meant that the ejaculate didn’t co-incide with an orgasm. Not sure why this would be such a problem as long as the partner is satisfied. Guys can fake an orgasm as long as there is something coming out, right?