TX AG Ken Paxton may be getting impeached again (July 2024)

No, this is not a zombie resurrection of the last Ken Paxton impeachment thread. Paxton announced tonight that a Texas House investigating committee is going to recommend his impeachment AGAIN. This is after he was acquitted by the Texas Senate in his previous impeachment, and many Texas House Republicans who supported his impeachment were defenestrated in their subsequent primaries. I don’t know why they’d want a second bite at the apple, but there has also been some recent activity in the federal criminal investigation into him.

My theory …

The few people left in TX legislature with any shred of honesty know they’re going to be voted out soon and want to take one last stab at a) maybe wounding Paxton enough to eventually cause his political demise, and/or b) being able to shout “I told you so” when he finishes taking over the state as Capo di tutti capi and comes out fully in public as the arch criminal he really is.

I feel like, when you’re only paid $7200 a year plus a per diem as a state legislator, you have to find your fun where you can. And if I were a Democrat in Texas, which I once was, I would find this very fun indeed.