Tylenol Ultra Relief commercial

I just saw a new commercial for Tylenol “Ultra Relief”. In it, a woman sits on the couch as the cat tears the curtains down, knocking over all sorts of breakable things. The TV blows up and the air conditioner falls out the window and lands on her car.

The voice over says “Because your next headache could be a big one”.

I’m not sure that I like the message that’s putting out. Having a bad day? Things going wrong? Medicate!

I already see people popping Tylenol like candy, and ads like this aren’t helping.

File a lawsuit, it is the American way!
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So? People take a completely harmless medication when they think it’ll help. Big deal. I take an average of five or six ibuprofen tablets a day, because otherwise, I get serious knee pain that’s distracting and keeps me from doing important things (e.g., walking or biking to work).

Complain about the ad if you’d like (I personally feel that the majority of TV ads are mind-numbingly idiotic), but please leave my self-medicating out of it.

I’m not at all against using over-the-counter medication to actually treat pain, and I’m sorry if my comment came across that way. Hell, when I’m on my period, I’m gulping down Advil too.

But I have friends who’ll say they “don’t feel so good” and will take a painkiller to fix it. And I see them go through a lot of pills. Even if they’re “relatively harmless”, I don’t see how taking medications you don’t need can be good for you. Maybe they do have underlying conditions that cause them to need the medication, and never told me, in which case I guess I’m wrong.

My main criticism is against the ad itself, though. I mean, that’s not a headache they’re describing, it’s a bad day! Tylenol is for pain. Not for depression or stress or exahustion.

Be careful not to up that dosage too much:

“Completely harmless”, eh? :dubious:



Sounds completely harmless to me!

I’m not saying “if you use Tylenol at all, you’re gonna die” because these are obviously cases of misuse/over using acetaminophen. But that’s exactly what this thread is about, so the idea that popping Tylenol/what have you like candy is “completely harmless” is rediculous.