Tyler Quits Aerosmith?

Saw this on my news page just a few minutes ago?

Drug/booze problems?



Hell, maybe he’s just tired. Or the drug in question is geritol. Centrum Silver, something like that. He’s past 60 now, for God’s sake.

I think he recently re-entered Rehab, but yeah, at 60 he could be tired as well.


Bruce is 60 and he’s still going strong. It’s cleaner living, I think. :slight_smile:

Article from the LA Times music blog, Pop and Hiss:

Curtains for a Steven Tyler-led Aerosmith?

I would suggest the remaining members conduct their search for a new lead singer on a reality show, seeing as how it worked out so well for INXS.

Someone suggested Todd Rundgren. Hey, he already did it with the Cars. And he did raise Tyler’s kid when Todd’s girlfriend Bebe “I’m Not A Groupie, It’s A Total Coincidence That All My Boyfriends Just Happen To Be Rock Stars” Buell went slutting off with Tyler for a tour and came back pregnant. So taking over his band responsibilities wouldn’t be a stretch.

I could see Todd Rundgren doing it. Not the same, mind you, be he could do it.

Bummer… way to tip the canoe.

Starting to look fishy now :dubious:

Steven Tyler: I am not leaving Aerosmith!

I saw Aerosmith in Portland 4yrs ago and it was clear that Steven Tyler is no longer up to the task of touring. :frowning:

They all should have quit around 1977, IMHO.

I admit, I lol’d.

Let’s hope not. If so, they might as just well throw in the towel. Aerosmith without Stephen Tyler ain’t Aerosmith.

Some updates:

Joe Perry on Tyler’s appearance at Perry’s concert:

Also, some recent comments by Tyler following the Perry gig:

So there’s still some uncertainty about Tyler’s commitment to Aerosmith and whether he plans to rejoin them any time soon.