Tymp? Hulllllloooooooo......

You remember this thread?


(sorry about no hyperlink, it’s late…)

Yeah well, I started making your clone and I’m calling it a night. I need to sleep.

I made his head and chest, a chest of 44". Head 23", face 9".
He looks good.
Instead of a regular neck I put his head on a spring I found, so when you punch him in the face he bounces right back.
Susan Bananahands is going to love him.

But you didn’t answer my e-mail and i can’t continue my creation without knowing your height, height of torso, and youir shoe size.

Can you let me know?

Thanks a bunch, and good night, I hope you dream of bright green frogs in a blizzard (I imagine that woule look cool if they could survive that).

Hey Turp, I bet if you leave out some butter, you’ll attract the elusive Tymp much better. Trust me on this one.

Voulez-vous de beurre?

Mochten sie das booter?

“But when Susan eats a ban-AH-Nah, an amazing transformation occurs!”

sniff sniff

Oooh! Butter! For me?

Sorry for the delay, Turp. I do hope Susan isn’t too mad at me for delaying Charlie production. I’d hate for her to come after me.

Shoe size is 11 US
Overall height is 6’3”
When you ask for torso height, do you mean from the top of my hips to my supersternal notch? If so, that seems to be about 18” Let me know if you had a different measurement in mind.

It’s funny that you chose to put his head on a spring. That’s exactly how my head is attached to my body and I didn’t even tell you that. You’re a genius!

Butter is on its way out. The Tymp fashion these days is guacamole!