typical day in Rwanda...

Wake up, put on my loincloth and pray to the God of sun, rain,harvest and Simpsons re-runs. Check the leaks in my mudhut. Then, leave for the fields to work for 2 hours before heading for school which is an old mango tree. Scamper for cover when vicious rebels get into a gun battle near us. Head back home wishing i had shoes. Find the hut has leaked again and fix it quick so i am not late for the sacrifice and ritual dance to the Sun God under the full moon. I have to post this message first and im doing it in the dark since there is no electricity in Rwanda…no sir, aint no such animal. Adjust my loincloth and grab my spear to fight off the marauding monkeys that prowl the area.
ANother long day in Rwanda.

Do you have a point?

Well I don’t quite know what to think, or say.

So is your computer lunar or goat powered?
And shouldn’t you post to the “How many boobs did you see” thread?

Good to see you here Dinsdale how is Chicago? and do send me that boobs link…and no guys i dont have a point. This is not exactly the Great Debates section ya know? simply the fruits of my boredom.

Now that’s funny.

Basically im just poking fun at what people think happens over here…admit it, you thought it was true!!!LOL.

Sorry, I just don’t buy it that y’all have a “sacrifice and ritual dance to the Sun God under the full moon”.
Really, under a full moon? For a Sun God?

Glad to hear you have enough to eat. Mmm - fruit!

Does that mean you’ll be kicking Sally Struthers’ sorry ass outta there?

What was it like spearing that lion?

Yeah, all that stereotyping’s a bitch, isn’t it?

I lived 8 years in Tanzania and a year in Uganda. It’s kinda fun to hear all the misconceptions people have about Africa.

Actual conversation I had in a video game arcade while on holiday in the US, many years ago:
ME: “Yeah, I live in Dar-es-salaam, actually. In Tanzania, East Africa.”
KID 1: “Dar-es-salaam, Dar-es-salaam, Dar-es-salaam… Barcelona! No wait, that’s in Italy.”
KID 2: “Oh yeah, I know loads about Africa, I just wrote a big report about it for school. So, how do you like living in the rainforest? Must be a real hassle with all the lions and tigers and rhinos about.”

(FTR, the little rainforest there is in Tanzania probably covers a smaller area than Dar-es-salaam. Not because of deforestation, it just isn’t there.)

Hope Rwanda’s OK. Never been there, although my dad goes there a few times a year to keep up diplomatic relations and to help out with various stuff to do with the War Crimes Tribunal.

Do you ever get this?
You’re from Rwanda? Do you know Ngudu? Tall guy, buck teeth?

What is Rwanda really like? Do you live in a city or the country.

Come on…u cant f nitpick a post like that!it is tongue in cheek man, but nice observation anyway.
And for the guy who asked…yeah,i live in the city-Kigali the capital.It aint bad at all electricity,water and everything is just fine. The war is over and the country is at peace. Granted only three cities are good enough to live in,and the rural areas are horrible but Kigali is a very pleasant place although there are still an awful lot of old buildings and the plan for the city is terrible they ought to start all over again…no Mcdonalds or Blockbuster though…

This is not necessarily a bad thing. :slight_smile:

I thought everyone in Africa bathed in gold plated bathrooms and wore jewel encrusted lion furs like in Coming to America.

I’ve got a real question!

Were you there during the Hutu vs Tutsi events? (I don’t know if you’re native to the area or a move in.) If so, what was it like for the general populace? Different in the country as opposed to being in a city? Does it affect anything now?