U,S. Air Force reinterprets "creative" music

Check out the U.S. Air Force’s “original” and “creative” version of The Twelve Days Of Christmas they supposedly came up with while goofing around. Now check out this version that Straight No Chaser has been doing in various venues since 1998. :dubious:

Just in case it was the reporter that left out the proper credit and not the U.S. Air Force Band itself, I went to their official website. They give a good write-up about all the hard work they did putting together the video…but no mention whatsoever of the group that did it first.

The blurb under the Youtube video credits the original version. I suspect leaving credit out on the military website was inadvertent.

On their own website, in the story put out by americanmilitarynews.com and on Facebook, there was no mention of Straight No Chaser. If the original version on Youtube says that it was authorized and arranged by SNC, then I am happy.