U.S. Polo Assn.

Never buy any clothing by this company. I bought a jacket 2 years ago from uspa. It was warm. Within a month the zipper broke. I returned it. It catches on things and the outer lining rips easily. A year later, the zipper breaks again. My friend had the same thing happen with their jacket.
If you want a workable coat, do not buy from this company. just a heads up.

This is a bit more MPSIMSy than Pitty.

When I think of quality, I think of sports-branded clothing. Er, not.

My USPA shoes had the in-sole pop out within a month and broke right at the seam between the upper shoe part and the sole, right around the front, so until I bought new shoes I would constantly get rocks and stuff in em from walking through almost anything. Sucked.

I had a USPA shirt once. Had this strange desire to ride a horse everytime I wore it.

I had never heard of this brand before, then this morning was standing on the trolley behind someone with an aviator jacket (leather jacket with fleece collar) that had that label right below the collar, and I thought, “That’s weird, why would polo players wear aviator jackets?”

And then a couple of hours later I’m home reading the Dope and here is this thread.