U.S. Recruiting Vast Pool of Snitches

Oh yeah, here’s a link.

This beggars belief. Will people sit still for this? Are they trying to confirm the most paranoid conspiracy theorists’ babbling?

When Robert Anton Wilson wrote, in 1975, that “…the Illuminati will have the American people under tighter surveillance than Hitler had the Germans. And the beauty of it is, the majority of the Americans will have been so frightened by Illuminati-backed terrorist incidents that they will beg to be controlled as a masochist begs for the whip,” he was joking, right? It was parody, wasn’t it?

Snazzy website, though.

If anyone wants me, I’ll be in the basement, hoarding supplies and ammunition for when the balloon goes up.

Taking notes…

Larry Mudd, in the basement… hoarding supplies and ammunition…

Am I allowed to say that I’m moving my chair a few more inches northward now?

I don’t blame you, man.

God. I let that laughable “compromise” over stem cell research pass. I learned to despise him after the “common sense that this is a nation under God” comment. Now I fucking hate George W. Bush.

hate hate hate hate hate hate


I can only hope that he’ll get routed out of the office come 2004.

Well, Larry, I believe it was Umberto Eco who said good parody says with a nod and a wink what will be said in dead earnest twenty years later.

Robert A. Wilson is very good parody.

I’m watching this thread as well.

Seven “TIPS” Graylands

"Oh, my name it is Sam Hall, it is Sam Hall . . . "