U2's Numb and a TV Commercial

When U2’s song Numb came out, I remember there being a TV commercial that sounded very similar out at the same time or maybe before. Can someone here help?

Here’s Numb:

Only thing that springs to mind is One

And Ben Stiller’s parody, a commercial for Lucky Clovers

No, it was a regular commercial for some candy or something.

Maybe for a sitcom?

Haha! That’s an awesome commercial. I wonder how many of those actors are still alive.

But, no, it was just a regular commercial for a regular product that had the same droning way of delivering the message. It wasn’t a parody or homage or anything.

It’s so much fun finding these parody commercials or like Weird Al reciting Green Eggs & Ham to Numb that I’m warning the mods right now it’ll be hard not to hijack this into some sort of “Parodies of U2 songs” thread.

Fine by me, as long as the teeming hundreds are still thinking about the commercial I’m trying to track down.