UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion *SPOILERS*

  1. Hamill got robbed. He beat Bisping all over the Octagon, every round. I think there was some home cooking going on there. It should have been a unanimous decision for Hamill.

  2. Jackson looks gooooooooood. I seriously thought he would get pounded by Henderson. I primarily thought of Rampage as a wildman, who got by on his viciousness, but tonight, he really out-technicaled the master technician.

Oh, and Cheik Kongo made Crocop look like an amateur. Crocop was completely ineffective.

Hamill lacked any ability to finish Bisping, he hit him with a few decent shots but when he took him down he was ineffective. He let him back up repeatedly and Bisping was the busier fighter standing up. Other than some power shots, Hamill was disappointing to watch. Bisping is a more well-rounded fighter and also much more exciting to watch.

No)way. Hamill was far more aggressive and powerful (see also: the twin cuts above Bisping’s eyes. He was bleeding like a stuck pig." Hamill controlled every round. Not that this means anything in terms of the judgment, but this decision is already being decried by probably 90-95% of folks online who have seen fit to post on the 5-6 various boards I’ve already checked (and if you’re getting ready to object to “sampling bias” or argumentum ad populum, save it. I know. I’m not presenting this as scientific evidence.)

Kongo is a scary looking man. Crocop has been completely outclassed since coming to the UFC. He got completely owned by a kick, and then Kongo didn’t have any trouble winning.

The Jackson-Henderson match was a snooze fest.

What a letdown CroCop has been. To be such a force in K1 and Pride then come in and start off 1-2 is depressing. Hopefully UFC will get smart and get Fedor on board. Let the dude compete in his Sambo competition for God’s sake. In return you’re not only getting the best fighter in the world, but you’re also settling once and for all which organization has the best fighters.

Agree that Hamill won that fight. Also agree that he let Bisbing stand up too often. I think Hamill was trying to prove that he isn’t just a wrestler but he did that with the first round and should’ve put Bisbing on his ass in round two and kept him there for the rest of the fight.

Yeah, but that was some kick. I think I felt it a little when it landed. However, Kongo did make him look bad…WTF happened to the wrecking machine?

Rampage is a beast and I expected him to overpower Henderson, but I didn’t expect him to have a pretty good ground game as well. I thought Henderson had him in a submission a few times, but he was able to slip out and did some pretty good damage himself. Good fight.

I could see the Hamil/Bisping fight going either way. Hamil won round 1, round 2 was a toss up, and Bisping won round 3. There is certainly a case to be made that he should have won, but I just don’t think the decision was all that bad.

Kongo was a really bad fight for Cro-Cop style-wise. In most of his matches against strikers, Mirko has been able to out reach his opponents punches with his kicks. Kongo kicks just as much as Mirko and has way longer legs. Mirko couldn’t get anything off because he was taking those body kicks before he could even reach with his legs, much less his hands. Then when it went to the clinch, Kongo was just bigger and stronger. Mirko’s grappling has always been pretty much defensive, just waiting to get back to his feet and strike.

I thought Henderson/Jackson was a great fight. I was really surprised that Rampage did as well on the ground as he did.

Marcus Davis was the best fight of the night. I love seeing a guy getting worked over and then slip in a submission. A beautiful, tricky, move. Then, he gave the shout out to Bangor. (I’m an original Mainer.)

I enjoyed the Henderson/Jackson match. I don’t think it was great for fans in the arena because it was a technical “one slip and you lose” ground fight, but the overhead cam coupled with Randy Couture’s analysis was like getting a master class in ultimate fighting.

The ground fighting was very technical, and clearly demonstrated how Jackson’s power was able to overcome some grappling technique.

GREAT post match interview with Jackson. Simply hilarious. “I have ju jitsu!”.

“Rampage, what were you thinking at this point?”

“I was thinking, ‘Dan Henderson is trying to kick my ass’.” (paraphrased)

I was really impressed how Jackson was able to immediately recognize the moments of his fight and comment on them with humor. He seems to really get it.

Best line of the night was during the Jackson fight. Jackson has a half-mount and is getting in punches to Henderson’s face, and repeated knees to the short ribs. Randy Couture is relating some personal anecdote about Henderson. Couture says, “he has the CUTEST kids,” while Henderson is just getting waled on.

I never do PPV, so I really enjoyed seeing this on Spike Saturday night.

Only problem was the fight was perfectly timed with the end of the NASCAR race from Richmond, so I missed the race.

Cro Cop looked terrible.

I thought Bisping won. IIRC, both cuts came in the first round, which he lost, but he won the rest of that bout.

I’m a Mainiac as well and when they said fighting out of Bangor Maine I sat up and took notice. That was a good come back fight after Davis took the kick to the head. I’m looking forward to another Maine champion. I haven’t been this enthusiastic since I heard how Tim Sylvia pronounced “hard” in a post fight interview.

I talked to my Son and he told a few interesting stories about Davis and some unscheduled fights on the streets of Bangor.
I thought the Henderson Jackson fight was good even though there was no explosive knockout. Both men took some hard shots and kept on going.

I thought Hamil beat Bisping just by being more of the aggressor. I think Hamil took a little of the cockiness out of the brit. It was close enough to warrant a rematch that I’d watch. I hope Bisping gets to fight in the US soon.

I haven’t heard Silvia speak. He’s in UFC-77.

The accent came through a little when Davis was talking, but it wasn’t even obvious enough for my wife to notice it.

Maybe Davis will join the legendary Maine-sports pantheon with Bob Stanley, Ricky Craven and Joey Gamache (famously destroyed by an overweight Arturo Gatti).

The third round of Bisbing-Hamill was close. I might have given it 10-9 to Bisbing just for rallying and showing heart, but I could have seen it going the other way. If he’d fought like that for all three rounds I would agree that it could have been a close decision and could have gone to either fighter, but as it was, no way. Even if you give the third round to Bisbing, Hamill was the clear 10-9 winner of the first two rounds. He landed more and harder strikes, controlled the fight when it went to the ground, and showed much, much better ring generalship than Bisbing. Bisbing looked flustered and frustrated until the third round. I really didn’t care who won going into the fight, but my jaw literally dropped at that decision.

Cro Cop…yeah, that was terrible, unless you’re Cheick Kongo, in which case it was the fight of the decade. Not like the Cro Cop we’ve come to know and love and fear. I thought Jackson-Henderson was a good fight, and a good display of ground technique (so close on the Kimura, Dan! So close!). I was really pulling for Henderson, but Jackson won that decision fair and square (and he was pretty witty in the post fight). I missed the preliminary fight that ended in submission. Anyone catch that?

Yeah, that was the Marcus Davis fight.

He was getting beat, and it might even have gotten close to a stoppage, but he kept fighting, and got an arm bar.

I don’t know if you’d call it a great fight, but I really enjoy fights that go like that.

Henderson almost had the kimura a couple times. He just got outpowered. Landed a couple nice blows, too, but it looks like Rampage can take a punch.

I liked Henderson’s knees to the hip/thigh from the greco body hug. He’s got a great style, and I bet he wins that fight against a lot of guys, but god damn Jackson is tough.

I was truly amazed that the fight wasn’t stopped. It looked to me like he wasn’t defending himself effectively at all. That was a case where I think the fight may have literally been one punch away from being stopped.

Me too, wish I’d seen it. I like a good submission even better than a good knockout, and all the sweeter from a fighter who can’t win a decision and is close to a TKO like you and Otto say he was.

I have a minor leg injury right now, and probably more than anything else that night those knees to the thigh made me want to throw up. :slight_smile: I got kneed in the calf a few weeks ago by a guy who wasn’t even trying to hurt me, and got a charley horse/dead leg such that I’ve barely been able to walk on it for a month. Taking that knee to the thigh over and over and over, yeesh. He’ll be feeling that for a while. He took some bombs to the head as well, and came away smiling. Think Chuck has any chance in the inevitable rematch?

Don’t know. I don’t know if I see him getting drilled on his feet like that again.

Jackson looked very complete on Saturday.

Bisbing/Hamill was very close, I had it going to Hamill because of how he brought the fight to Bisbing, but I could be just rooting for the most aggressive fighter.

You are absolutely right on the Kimura, I called it to my friends watching the fight as is was going on: :This is it, he’s got him. It’s over.". Made an ass out of me and the bastard won $5 off me on a bet made at that moment. Damn you, you strong SOB that can power out of a submission. :mad:

UFC president Dana White says he’s going to try to have a rematch between Hamill and Bisping. link The rematch comment is at the bottom. Another interesting note: Apparently it was the British judge who gave all three rounds to Hamill.

With regard to the Cro Cop / Kongo fight, I’ve read that Cro Cop has said that he suffered a broken rib in round 1 (link), which explains why he looked so tentative in rounds 2 and 3. Not that that takes anything away from Kongo.

The Davis fight was great for a one rounder. Credit to the ref for realizing Davis wasn’t quite done after he took that high kick and was getting pounded.

Absent a stoppage and other factors being more or less equal, that’s who in the vast majority of cases should be winning the fight, the more aggressive fighter.