UFFO-Unidentified Flying Furry Object.
OK…So I had the Gordons out in the back yard this morning, the Papillons inside, and I was sitting at my computer, typing away. I heard the unmistakable aggitated bark of Nick. I got my shoes on and went outside to see what they were into this time.

I have a dead mimosa tree in the back part of the yard, against the fence, maybe 20 ft. tall. I had hoped to get it cut down this summer, and then I found myself without a job. The best laid plans, all of that. Perched up at the top of the dead mimosa, in the really thin branches, was a squirrel, chittering loudly at the crazed dogs below as they tried to climb the tree. I was standing half way between the mimosa and a live mulberry tree, laughing at the animals.

Suddenly, the squirrel launched himself from the mimosa, over my head, toward the mulberry tree, about 10 or 12 feet away.

And he missed.

He went crashing through the branches to the ground, shook himself off and scampered quickly back up the mulberry. The dogs were standing there looking up into the mimosa, completely confused at how the squirrel just…poof… vanished. They didn’t have a clue that the object of their desire had actually, for a split second, been within their reach.

I sure wish I would have had a video camera handy tho! :stuck_out_tongue: