UFO Sighting

So what is this?

I’m a long time lurker, please transfer this anywhere, if I’m in the wrong place. Also, I’m a skeptic so I want to know what this REALLY is.

Insufficient information, except to say that it is REALLY a video on YouTube.

Looks pretty fake to me. Disappearing instantly? Simple to do in a video editor. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. One easily faked video isnt it.

The quality of fake UFO footage has gone up radically over the last decade.
Check out ufo fake Capitola for some excellent work from 2007/2008.
These days if footage doesn’t come with an impeccable pedigree, you pretty much have to assume it’s fake. There’s simply too many people honing their animation skillz by making flying saucer tapes.

The statement that it was filmed on Sep. 11th seems odd.

Probably fake.

Although it does not vanish instantly. I

Movies like “Men in Black” or “The Exorcist” are proof enough that UFOs and aliens and monsters can look real on film.

So far UFO videos have never even slightly convinced me of anything other than how gullible people can be.

I fully expect to see the aliens (when they eventually arrive) behaving how we imagine they ought to behave. That video is certainly aliens. We all saw the thing zip away. Those little satellites around it that suddenly returned to base were obviously warp field stabilizers.

I do enjoy impressive amateur effects work.

I took this stillfrom the video and ran it through the image enhancer (as seen on CSI).

It came out like this. Make of it what you will.

Me too. This example hardly qualifies as “impressive”, though.