What are your thoughts on UFO’s? I seriously doubt their existence. The presence they bring of what I have heard has sounded a lot like demons.

I don’t doubt there is intelligent life out there. But I doubt that their goal is to build huge space ships and come and terrify Earth with anal probes.

**Interesting view … I have heard the biblical story of Elijah ( 2-Kings 2 : 11 -12) used to infer that UFO’s are real …:confused: :confused: However I find it unlikely that X-Files / Rosewell etc are reality based **(OK somebody did see strange lights etc). **The posibility of extraterrestial intelligent life ** (anal fixated or otherwise) ** however can not be fully discounted …

UFOs? I, for one, certainly know for a fact that they exist. However, I really doubt UFOs are alien spacecraft.

The notion that aliens need fifty years to study humans is a little preposterous. I mean, are they just really slow learners or something? I certainly don’t doubt that there’s intelligent life somewhere out there, but the “aliens have nothing better to do than watch us and shove probes up our asses” is a bit of a stretch.

However, maybe there’s another explanation… perhaps there’s an intergalactic war going on out there, and our solar system occasionally becomes a battleground?

Whoa… too many nachos for me…

I can’t say that they do exist and I can’t say they don’t. I would have to see one to believe in them. It does seem rather narrow minded to think that there is ONLY life on Earth and no where else in the entire cosmos. But until “Independence Day” happens, I’m a sceptic. (Hopefully, that day won’t be any time very soon).

CollegeStudent are you saying that UFO = Demon ?

And if you have identified them as demons shouldn’t they be IFO’s :wink:

You know, humans have the worst luck.

These aliens build these incredibly advanced technologies and fly across the void solely to kidnap a few of our stupidest citizens…

There is probably intelligent life out there. I’m certain there is life out there (though not necessarilly as we know it, I think the probability of life coming to be is high), and think there is probably life out there. I do not think it’s willing to fly 22.7 trillion miles solely to kidnap someone and leave without making mass contact.

Wishful thinking turns mating fireflies into alien visitors.

22.7 trillion miles? Come come now, you don’t seriously think Proxima Centauri is a good candidate for life-bearing planets, do you? It’s a red dwarf, which gives it a really narrow comfort zone, and it’s a flare star, which would snuff out any life that did arise on the surface of any of its planets (if it even has any).

Now, Alpha Centauri A, Procyon A, and Epsilon Eridani – those are good candidates for life-bearing planets. They’re about as bright as the sun and have nice high heavy-element abundances. Unfortunately, both Alpha Centauri and Procyon are rather close-orbiting binary star systems, with a Periastron distance of less than the distance between Saturn and the Sun, but their comfort zones are well within the stable-orbit regions nearest their primary, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Presuming planets can even form in a binary system to begin with.

These and many other stars can be found in excruciating detail at http://www.stellar-database.com .

But Tracer, can’t they use Proxima Centauri as a staging point? After all, Operation: Mess With Human’s Minds must be very important to the aliens.

Now I can’t say that for sure, but there is a book written by a well-known expert in the occult that I would like to read.

I don’t myself believe in UFOs. This would be one batch of alien anthropologists who have GOT to get over their shyness. Yeah, yeah, I know, naturalistic observation, don’t want to get in the picture. Mabey that’s why they seem to stick to West Texas and Oklahoma.

Life on other planets, perhaps, though the debate still rages on this one. but SETI is relatively cheap so why not forgo a B2 bomber or two, and keep it running.

CollegeStudent: What well-known expert would that be?

He’s named Bob Larson, a Christian evangelist. His writings deal mainly with the occult. I have a book of his called “In the Name of Satan,” dealing with the occult.

Here’s how Bob describes a demon .

I see no mention of anything like a UFO .

I was glad to know that a Christian can have a Demon coz I know a few that … another Thread I suppose.

That’s funny, college. I thought you were referring to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, where you wake up but are paralyzed and an evil dwarf is sitting on your chest terrorizing you. You can’t breathe - you try to scream but cannot.

This is a psychophysiological phenomenon (name is something like “hypnopompic hallucination”) which has manifested itself in popular culture in different ways based on the expectations of the people experiencing it - succubi, incubi, demons, ‘greys’, etc.

Are you talking about something else, like “This is an occult thing so it must be of the devil?” Sounds like something out of a Chick tract to me.


The term you are referring to is, indeed, hypnopompic hallucinations, which, from the DSM-IV, are intense dreamlike images just after awakening. These hallucinations are typically visual, incorporate elements of the environment. The condition typically involves sleep paralysis (feeling like you are awake, but are unable to move or speak), and may feel as if they are unable to breath, although indeed respiration continues. These phenomenon are though to result from REM sleep elements intruding into wakefullness. These phenomenon are often assoicated with NArcolepsy.

I just checked his web page and then did a search on his name at Amazon. Here’s the link to his UFOs and the Alien Agenda (the title on Amazon is wrong, it says “UFOs and the Alien Index”).


Note that it is rated at one star (the lowest possible). One reviewer said: “Did anyone look in the back of this books at his notes!!! Excuse me, but People Magazine, Vanity Fair and Fate Magazine hardly seem reliable scientific sources. As a Born-again christian and former SETI worker, I say you need to get your facts straight Bob! Too many ad-hominim attacks…tisk, tisk.”

Another said: “Bob Larson claims that he saw a UFO, and that somehow qualifies him to write this book. He has also claimed on his radio talk show that demons have physically impersonated him, which makes you wonder whether he shouldn’t be locked up in a padded cell somewhere.”

Doesn’t sound like he should exactly be relied upon for good information…

David B wrote:

Wow! I had no idea UFOs and the Alien Agenda was the real title of Cecil’s article on Circus Peanuts! :wink:

I believe in UFO’s. I believe I’ve seen a UFO. It was a flying object that I couldn’t identify. Whether it was an alien craft or military jet or whatever, I dunno.

Now as for alien life, I think it would be rather conceited of humans to believe we’re the only sentient life. Are they visiting Earth and kidnapping backwater hicks to study how big their anal cavaties are? I dunno.

Who knows what UFOs are or aren’t but lumping the typical ‘gang-probing’ story with photos and videos of strange aircraft isn’t very fair. I tend to discount the probe stories but a lot of photos and videos remain unexplained and are true anomolies.