UFYH: Why the apparent neglect lately?

I frequently read the UFYH blog as inspiration/ motivation to get a bit of housework done.
The owner posts a minimum twice daily (‘make your bed’ type advice in the morning, ‘prepare your outfit’ type in the evening) plus other tips & tricks and some challenge type posts.

The main bulk of content is from people posting before/ after pics of cleaning jobs. Plenty of traffic.

At some point this summer it stopped being updated as frequently, both by owner and readers. For instance, the last ‘make your bed’ post was on Sept 9 and the last reader post was on Sept 4.

I tried Google but no luck.

Does anybody have any clue/ guess what is going on?

Here is a link: http://unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com/

A blog about housework and tips on making a bed? And interest in this blog trending down, you say? It certainly is a puzzle.

I’d imagine the lovely Pile of Monkeys is busy with her writing elsewhere - I know she writes for at least one online column as well (I forget which offhand) and she was very busy with that when I was participating in UFYH. As far as I remember, she gets paid for the other stuff and UFYH is more of a unpaid hobby so I wouldn’t blame her for prioritizing other things!