Ugliest actress committed to film

I would have said Amy Sedaris from Strangers With Candy ( until I actually saw pictures of what she really looks like without the wig and makeup( wow, what a difference! But as Jeri Blank, I think she could win Best in Show.


IIRC, John Waters went out of his way to find the ugliest woman he could to play Hatchetface. He got what he was looking for all right.

For actresses who aren’t supposed to be ugly, it’s gotta be Martha Plimpton.

Nancy Culp, best known for playing Miss Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies. I once saw a studio “glamor” shot trying to make her look good and it was so pathetic it was funny.

It’s no contest: Marie Dressler.

Simple reason: despite being an unattractive woman, she was still a major star, one of the top box office attractions in her day and an Oscar winner (and she died while at the top of her fame). Further, she was beloved by everyone, both in Hollywood and in the audience. She was also willing to risk her Broadway career to help create the Stage Actors Guild.

Marie had everything – talent, class, and courage. All she lacked was beauty, and she did quite fine without that.

Nobody even approaches Sandra B’s hideosity.


Most homely male actor is, of course, Vincent Schiavelli


The woman in “Throw Mama From the Train” was pretty bad. At least at the age she played that role.

For just plain “ain’t-never-gonna-be-pretty” genes, I gotta go with one of my very favorite actresses and voiceover talents, **Linda Hunt ** Any white woman who can win an Oscar for playing an odd-looking Asian man just by going without makeup isn’t gonna be winning any beauty contests.

But I would watch her and listen to her forever. Great actor.

She may be stupid and bitchy (I have no idea), but how can anyone possibly say that Catherine Zeta-Jones is ugly?

**Homer ** I never knew that that man, vincent schiavelli, had a name. He’s been around fooorever. I’ve always referred to him as **John Big Boo-tay ** in my mind.

**Linda Hunt ** may be unattractive, but she has a golden voice that is in alot of commercials.

Are you sure your penis is working properly?

Sounds like sour grapes…

Hmmm, why do I find myself thinking back on that classic Twilight Zone ep Eye of the Beholder?

Have to agree that Tori Spelling #1, Sandra Bernhard #2, and Shelly Duvall #3, are tops in this category. But I’d like to nominate a #4: Uma Thurman. Sure she has a body, but the face! :eek:

Anyone remember the woman who played the title character in Throw Momma from the Train?

Not a pretty picture…

I fourth (fifth? sixth?) Sandra Bernhardt and third the sour grapes/penile dysfunction of even thinking Catherine Zeta Jones deserves to be anywhere near this list.

Ileana Douglas: Ugly and annoying

That girl from Welcome to the Dollhouse. I know that was the point of that movie but there really is no hope for her.

Lili Taylor always looks rough.

Camryn Manheim

Marie Dressler was the actress I first thought of before I opened this thread. I was watching Dinner at Eight not too long ago, and thought, What a magnificently ugly woman!–with the emphasis on ‘magnificent.’ I’ve only seen a few of her movies, but she always seems to have such dignity, grace, and humor. You simply don’t see actresses like that, with faces like that, in similar roles today.

Kathy Bates?
Camryn Manheim?

The mind boggles. These are two gorgeous women, though I suppose some people just have no appreciation for their particularly abundant body type. Even so, for the aesthetically deprived, ‘ugliest actress committed to film’?

Even Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman, while far from attractive IMHO, cannot compete to the title of ‘ugliest actress committed to film’. Ugliest, people.

While there are many character actresses that are quite average, or fail to comply with Holywood beauty standards, even on the side of homeliness, I am sure there are grotesque unbeauties out there waiting to be discovered in the vaults of silver screen history.


I kid. I kid.

Mentioned twice, named once already in this thread:

Anne Ramsey