So-called beautiful celebrities you find UGLY

(Woo, my first MPSIMS thread since last July. I’m a posting machine. And not at all superficial!)

This thread is simple. Name a famous person (or persons) widely considered to be attractive that you just find not-at-all good looking. Not just “I don’t see what the big deal about so-and-so is,” but ugly. Me go first.

Julia Roberts. The only word that comes to my mind when I see her is “equine.” She’s got too many teeth for her oversized mouth. Her lips look like two soil-engorged nightcrawlers. I can’t even describe her nose, but something about it is Unholy in an H. P. Lovecraft sense. Ick ick ick.

Your turn!

Cameron Diaz - she has a smile like Jack’s version of the Joker

Uma Thurman - The sight of her makes me nauseated.

Angelina Jolie - One seriously scarry looking woman, and not in a good way.

George frigging Clooney. I cannot for the life of me understand what women see in this smug, smarmy, Jay-Leno-without-the-chin lookalike.

I don’t think Cameron Diaz is attractive at all. I don’t find her as ugly as quixotic seems to find Julia Roberts, but I still don’t think she’s remotely pretty – especially with the way she dresses! Hel-lo! Did you just roll out of bed or something?! Jeez.

Penelope Cruz, for about the same reasons as stated in the OP about Julia Roberts.

Nicole Kidman

There’s just something inexplicably “creepy” about her, IMHO.

Elizabeth Taylor

barf! Even when she was young, I thought she looked nasty.

Katherine Hepburn

barf! Even when she was young, I thought she looked nasty.

I think that Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz are decidedly funny-looking (very cartoonish, to me), but I wouldn’t say UGLY…

UGLY, to me, are Jennifer Anniston (I can’t stand her mouth), and Nicole Kidman (ditto).

If they were just regular people, I don’t think I’d run screaming from them on the street, but I truly don’t understand how they get so much hype for their beauty.

I honestly think Pamela Anderson is more attractive (lookswise, just lookswise) than both of them put together!

Thank you for succinctly summarizing my thoughts in this thread! Also, add Tom Cruise to my list. He’s not particularly unattractive, but no one that short should be one of the most famous movie stars ever. (Sorry all you short people out there, but you know it’s true :D).

Quix (again)

Any starlet with the body of a famine victim.

I’m with you on all three.

Kate Winslett.
Who is that chunky English model?
Naomi Campbell.
Glen Close, ewww.
Who was that blond in Sea of Love?
Angie Dickenson
Most surprising: the youthful Racquel Welch (i find the OLD Raquel MUCH hotter).

Sandra Bullock

Angie Harmon. I don’t get her. She has great hair, but she looks like a man, baby!

Tom Cruise is on my list, too. As is his newly-dumped Penelope Cruz. She in particular is frightening – her features are too big for her face.

I’ve also never really understood the appeal of Batman babes Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer. I don’t think either of them are ugly, per se, but they’re not the type of people I’d rave about. Pfeiffer in particular always looks like she’s suffering from hay fever to me – her eyes are always red.

Gwenyth Paltrow

Uma Thurman

Blond in Sea of Love was Ellen Barkin, I think. IMHO, she is not pretty, but she is sexy.

My vote goes to Sarah Jessice Parker. She is one ugly woman. I am sure she is a fine human being and all that, but why people think she is pretty is beyond me.

the whole female cast of Ali Mcbeal, they just look ill!

Pamela Anderson repels me.

Celine Dion. I read an article about her special that said the best thing about the show was her body. She not only looks like a famine victim–she looks like a less HEALTHY famine victim.

I can’t stand Julia Roberts, either. Hideous looking woman. At least by Hollywood standards, so, yeah, she’s still better looking than 90% of actual humans, but still. Actually, the most repulsive thing about her is her acting. Okay, her acting and her teeth.

Also (and I was just now considering starting a thread about this) Brittney Spears. Jesus, I’ve seen streetwalkers that are more attractive than her. Julia Roberts is only Hollywood ugly, but I find Brittney physically repulsive. And unlike my dislike of Roberts’ looks, which is colored by her lack of acting talent, I have almost no knowledge of Brittney Spears’ music. (One of the blessings of not listening to radio)

I knew when I saw the title of this thread that my input would be pre-empted in the very first response.

Cameron Diaz is UGLY.

Must agree here. My family calls them “the Lollipop Gang.”